The BEST Cookbook EVER! (Great Christmas Gift!)

Alright, it’s about that time that you are searching for the perfect holiday gift! I know I am, well, I was until Savannah’s amazing Mother released her 2nd, yes her second cookbook, Family Style!
The best part is, it’s only $14! AND for a Limited time, you can get BOTH of her cookbooks (“My Favorite Things” and “Family Style”) for only $24!! That’s over 360 recipes for any occasion!!! AMAZING!
First of all, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried Elizabeth’s food! Everything she makes is phenomenal! Seriously.  
Check out these yummy photos of some of her food and her cute family! 

I am dying for one of these cupcakes right now! 

Let's be besties!

Yay!! 250px

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xo, Mallory & Savannah

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