The Smart Home Products We Can’t Live Without

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What is a Smart Home?

According to my Google search…

smart home: noun

  1. a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.

In 2018, we have added so many new Smart Home Features to our homes and we plan to continue doing so in 2019!

Technology is absolutely amazing. When I was a kid, I remember my dad backing our horse trailer up with our suburban. At 8 years old, I remember sitting in our beast of a SUV while he backed it up, inch by inch and getting out every 30 seconds to see how close the trailer hitch was getting to the trailer. I remember sitting there telling him how there has to be some kind of camera to watch as he backed it up that could beep at you if you were close. Oh, how far we’ve come!

Not only have vehicles come so very far, even our homes have improved significantly over the years regarding techy features you can add.

Here are a few of our favorite smart home products we can’t live without.

Smart Home Thermostat

We installed the Emerson Sensi Thermostats throughout our house (We have 2 AC units) They super easy to install and you actually use your phone to install it. Your phone guides you through all the steps and show you exact what to connect where and it makes install a piece of cake and quick. I LOVE that we can control our thermostat from anywhere, even if we aren’t home.

Smart Keypad Door Locks

For the past few years, both of us have had Smart Keypad Door locks. We both have and LOVE the Schlage Connect Smart Locks with Alarms. Click here to check out our post on Keypad Door Locks!

Ring Smart Doorbells + Alarms

We absolutely LOVE our Ring Smart Home Products. So far, we’ve installed.

These are probably our most used and most loved smart home features we’ve added to our homes so far! Check out our post on Ring Smart Home products here.

Leviton Light Switches

Since we’ve moved into our new house, we have been slowly updating our light switches and power outlets throughout the home. Our favorite light switches are the Leviton Decora Smart light switches because you can set them up with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. I’m also obsessed with using the Leviton Decora Smart Dimmers with Alexa. The dimmers work with Alexa, Google or Nest. I always turn the lights down as we are getting the kids ready for bed to create a mood of winding down and rest. Asking Alexa to turn the lights down for bed it basically the best thing ever!

WiZ Light Bulbs

We recently installed these WiZ Smart Lightbulbs and they are so amazing!

How to make your home a Smart Home

They have over 6 million colors to choose from and 64,000 shades of white. It bugs me when light bulbs are too warm or too cool for my house, especially when I photograph my home often. The right color lighting is super important to me. We also installed these on our front porch and we love to change them out for different holidays! My kids loved to pick red and green for Christmas but I’m so glad you can get switch them back to white for day-to-day!

Creating a smart home doesn’t have to be overwhelming and if you do it over some time, it’s relatively inexpensive to do! The convenience of these products is worth every penny!

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