Shared Girls Room

When I had my little guy Ryder my two older girls needed to share a room. Shared rooms can be a bit tricky. Especially when you have to work with a small room. I love polka dots and a bit of black right now. So of course I had to add a polka dots wall in their room. Using the Silhouette Machine I cut out 2 and 1/2 inch dots and in about 30 minutes I had a cute accent wall for the girls room. BrHqPThnsZcoinfXQ5OrB1dat3dQsSpBgXYZ1lwJmhI,gDlNhZP-xmsc8_aTYKzW2fXH8qj6Ax3OUxz2gzmejj8,0cs50qdxkgLWd44W1mwrWxJwtX5tlrEOXuV9j735t6I I had a twin bed for my younger daughter Millie and a full size bed for my older daughter Leesie and their room is pretty small. With some help from a few friends we decided to do the layout of the girls room in an “L” shape. Once upon a time the beds went the same direction but it seemed so crowded so the “L” layout was a better option because it seemed to free up a lot more space in the middle of the room.   MVlj7_wUp0ZkGi7GWVTXkACkLvSzHwpN9p3rooumeVo,Y-pjcmvETUBscd-hYs0m09prN-Zugkp4aPxXul5T1Mg,I_jXYDQdJOIAP5pTmzvyuJrVWgbkG7iSGYqlePunags I had the VERY Talented Jacie Smith take some “sister” pictures of my girls and had them printed at Costco and picked up a few simple looking frames at Ikea. I LOVE that the frames came with the mats. I am LOVING a good matted picture right now. The pictures look so much bigger with the mat and I think it adds a nice touch. In the pictures my girls were wearing yellow and navy dresses but I wanted it to match their room so I had them printed in black and white and I love it. 9QinCOTG61E7sgLFeMsDWWXb85ngAfMO_0JXuO8h9tk,l24fn8d17JcbEbcmeAhYGeckPqrttNK99oMb8Md41g8 KGtxqHjx9_p3ACql-rym-QfOGWEhYy0eIgIzNUPaAWU,IckmRc3mLZT_AJbpd_9Biast0H688YMviiVnw2tJbng The girls curtains and the rod are both from pottery barn kids. I got it for my oldest daughters nursery and I am still loving both of them. I got the bedspreads from my second home, Target.  And If you have not looked at H&M Home yet DO IT! I got the girls pillows from there and at only $5.95 a piece they were a steal. There are a few different DIY projects I did in this room. The M and L are the big letters that you can find at Joanns and I used Elmers Glue and some German Glitter Glass which as aged perfectly around the corners. If you have not German Glitter Glassed anything yet. Do yourself a favor and do it ASAP. I love the outcome and it gets better with time! A few other projects were the Tufted Headboard bed after 1   The Homemade Chalk Paint for the dresser. DSC_0039 new And using Cheap Chipboard letters from Joanns and some Gold Spray Paint I added Hello Beautiful to the empty wall behind Millie’s bed to finish off the room. bVk5ElM6v6vpUchvYRFgy8ZX0fDwOBTer9hhGbkiRMI,YYUz-48zfpcWs4JdVDRKGbm9SmDRBCV15QXB9pDS8y4 LxsQ4cTOqLk1T4mkyaIadAba3TBMj1yJ6nIym40ulLY,TJoC7eh3YImaFfS4F-wUmkFb0DtLF86XW74CseYb2kU,ySFJBTDRML0rFrlZg9bNuuLWPdGaixn5707Z95EDqNY I framed this cute Printable and set it on the dresser and it matches the room perfectly. Bike-Printable-Polkadots-Rose I am still on the search for another dresser. But the trouble is that it has to be pretty narrow because I only have room in the closet for one. Also not pictured is the book shelves that I have set up for girls. They are also from Ikea and fit the little wall by the door perfectly. I share pictures if that later. Right now Mallory and I in Salt Lake City for the Snap Blog Conference and we are sooooo excited to meet fellow bloggers and meet with some of all time favorite brands. I am sure we will have a ton of pictures to share with all of you. Much Love sign-2

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