Sexy Modest Boutique Review | Cute Modest Clothes!

This post is not sponsored by Sexy Modest Boutique. I have not received any free product, all items were purchased by me. This post may contain affiliate links in which I will receive a small commission for purchases made with my link.

Lately, I’ve felt a little bored at my existing wardrobe. Blame quarantine, but I have been ready for some new pieces!

I’ve been following Sexy Modest Boutique for some time now and it wasn’t until recently that I finally made my first purchase, I think buying clothes from a new store can make you feel a little nervous about the quality, return policy, etc., but I’m here to tell you that I am so happy with my picks and I will definitely be picking up a few new things!

How is the fit and quality?

Guys, I’m SUPER impressed! Everything is SO soft and comfy! Perfect for the day to day but I feel very put together.

What is the return policy?

I haven’t returned anything yet, but they do returns for store credit.

Do you have a discount code?

Yep! I reached out to them after I had tried a few items and they were nice enough to give me a discount code! You can use the code CLASSYCLUTTER10 at checkout for 10% off!

Here a few of the items I’ve tried and also some of the ones I’m eyeing!!

Everyday Tee

Venice Dress

Easy Day Top

Tee Dress

Lace Sweatshirt

Lace Dress

Peplum Top


Shorty Jumper

Please let me know if you have anything from this brand that I need to try!! Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes?


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