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  • DIY Bat Garland for your Halloween party!

    One week until Halloween! Are you excited? Are the kiddos? Mine are! They can’t wait to dress up (and eat too much candy! hehe!) We get to dress up on Friday since we are having a Halloween Party at our church! YAY! Somehow, my good friend and I got put in charge of decorating a photo booth for the party! I’m super excited with what we came up with and we spent less than $10! Today I’m going to show you one of the elements we added to the backdrop of the photo booth. This project costs $0 since I already had black felt at home. Felt is super duper cheap and you an always use a coupon to buy it from Joann’s or Hobby Lobby so if you don’t have some on hand, you can still do this project for next to nothing. First, you will want to download and print the templates. I have a smaller one that is about an 7-8″ bat. You can print that one here. If you’re a fan of the bigger bat for…

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  • Feather Boa Halloween Wreath

    Today I want to show you how to make a super fun and fluffy Halloween wreath! It’s super easy and literally took me 5-10 total to make it! You can do it for pretty cheap too! You will need: 2-6ft feather boas Black duct tape A spool of ribbon for your bow if you want one Wreath form or $1 pool noodle First, a took my pool noodle and taped the ends together to create my $1 wreath form. Next, take your black duct tape and wrap it around the whole noodle so you don’t see orange peeking through when you add the feather boa. Once it’s all covered, start wrapping your feather boa around the outside. It took 2 boas to cover the whole thing but I could’ve even used 3 for a fuller look. 2 saves money and still works really well. Finally, tie a pretty bow and attach it to the wreath form. I used black cord I had lying around to attach it. Voila! DONE! See, told ya, so easy! If you know me at all,…

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