Savannah’s Outdoor Drinking Fountain

This post is sponsored by Elkay. As always, all opinions are our own.

Installing a drinking fountain has been a bucket list dream of mine ever since we were doing the backyard! This backyard will continue to be a work in progress and we have put so much time and energy into the space already. If you have not seen my backyard from the beginning, you can check out these posts:

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My kids live in the backyard year-round! That’s one benefit of living in Arizona. The backyard is especially being used right now, as we try to spend some quality family time together outside during quarantine. And since Arizona is so hot, the kids are always asking for water, so the drinking fountain was such a perfect fit in our covered patio! 

What We Chose

We recently teamed up with Elkay to finally make the drinking fountain dream a reality! Linked here is the exact model we installed!

Elkay EZH2O Bottle Filling Station & Single ADA Cooler
High Efficiency Filtered 8 GPH Stainless

Bottle Filling Feature

The best thing about the drinking fountain is that it also has an ezH2O Bottle Filling Station! As my kids run around in the backyard, they can easily fill up their water bottles and get back to playing. Super quick and easy! 

Yes, the water is cold!

Another thing that we love so much about the drinking fountain is that it has a cooling system, which means that the water comes out very cold.

How We Installed the Drinking Fountain

When we were redoing our kitchen, we knew that Kyle was going to have to move some water lines around a bit. We also knew that we wanted to install a drinking fountain at some point and so while he was redoing the kitchen water lines, he added a line for the drinking fountain. We just were not ready to tackle the project during the kitchen remodel because we were going to have to cut into the stucco on the exterior of our house.

To install a drinking fountain, you will need access to a drain line, cold water supply, and a 110 volt electrical outlet. Kyle is a licensed plumber and he has installed drinking fountains before so this was a pretty easy job for him. He first removed the outside stucco to expose the water lines that he had installed last year during the kitchen renovation. Kyle also ran electrical and a drain for the drinking fountain as well. Elkay has very clear instructions on how to install the drinking fountain which made it quick and easy. 

We hired my uncle’s company to repair our stucco on the exterior of the house. As you can see, it was not some small patch job it was definitely a job for a professional. 

The final look

The quality of this drinking fountain from Elkay far surpassed any expectations I had! It fits perfectly in the space and I know we are going to get a ton of use out of it! I think we are OFFICIALLY ready for pool season!!

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