Savannah’s Family Room Details

Since we moved my tv into the new family room I wanted to have a list of everything I have in my family room right now.

Paint Color on the walls

Sherwin Williams Rhinestone

Paint Color for Built Ins

Its called Boothbay Grey by Benjamin Moore lighted 50% Home Depot can do it for you.

Samsung Tv

You can find everything about our frame tv HERE

Trim on the walls

Link to trim on walls post HERE

Dining Room

Link to the dining room refresh you can find HERE

Navy Sofa

Stay Classy sofa you can find in our shop HERE

New Sofa Article Sofa

I love this new sofa from Article you can find it HERE


Article Mustard Pillows

Article Fur Pillow


This rug from Boutique rug matches the new sofa perfect. Be sure to use our code CLASSY55 for 55% off

Coffee table

You can find the Coffee table HERE

Side table

Old from Target

Side Table Lamp

You can find the side table lamp HERE

Deep Green Curtains

You can find the deep green curtains HERE


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