Patriotic Fruit Kabobs for your next BBQ

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First of all, Yay for summer! Summer’s the best! Swimming, Camping, Sun tans, BBQs, break from school… what’s not to love!?
Chances are you’re headed to a BBQ or 10 this summer. Even if you’re not asked to bring something, you should bring these! They’re always a hit and they’re super easy, mostly healthy and delicious. Even the kiddos will love them!
You’ll need: 
Mini Marshmallows or you could use bananas cut up for a healthy alternative
1/4 cup of sugar or sugar/stevia blend (I use Domino brand and I love it!)
wooden skewers (available at most grocery stores)
  1. First, wash and rinse your fruit. Let it dry or pat it dry with a paper towel.
  2. Next, cut up strawberries into halves or quarters. Mine were feeding lots of little ones so I cut mine into quarters to make them less of a choking hazard. 
  3. Add sugar to your bowl of cut up strawberries and toss to coat them in a light coat of sugar. This makes them a little more dessert-y! 
  4. Finally, put your fruit on the skewers! The marshmallows can get a bit sticky if you get them wet so try to keep your hands dry as much as possible! 

Totally easy, pretty healthy and SUPER DELICOUS!! Make these this summer, you won’t be disappointed!

Before you go, check out this post to make your strawberries and blueberries last much longer this summer! You can thank me later. 😉


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