Our Review: Living Scriptures Streaming Service

I don’t know about you, but screen time is something that is discussed OFTEN at my house. I think my kids say “Can I watch a show?” about 5 times per day.

And the truth is, when we are just hanging out at home and it’s 110 degrees outside, I totally understand their desire to relax. The problem is really that I’m just not comfortable handing over the remote. Of course, I’m in and out of the room working and tending to other kids, but if I’m not sitting next to them and making sure what they are watching is appropriate, it worries me what they may stumble upon!

Before we dive in, doesn’t the TV in this photo look like art?! It’s my favorite thing ever. We are absolutely obsessed with our Samsung The Frame TV! We wrote a full review on it here!

Samsung Frame TV Review

Why we signed up for Living Scriptures

I have to admit, there have been times where my kids have started out watching a wholesome YouTube video, and minutes later, it is something that is completely inappropriate for their age!

All I can say is: I am SO glad I have found Living Scriptures!

What is Living Scriptures?

Living Scriptures is a clean, wholesome streaming service that our whole family really enjoys! It’s not just TV without curse words or mature themes, it’s uplifting and inspiring films that you don’t normally see on cable or other streaming services!

Do your kids actually like Living Scriptures?

I’m not going to lie – at first they were hesitant. But now, my kids LOVE the freedom of getting to choose whatever they want to watch on Living Scriptures! They have really fallen in love with a few of the shows.

Is this for members of The Church of Latter Day Saints?

Nope! There are specific programs for members like lessons for Family Home Evening and the animated Book of Mormon, but there is something for everyone!

Does it only have religious shows and movies?

Most of the programs I have personally seen have religious themes but there is a wide range of genres!

Our Living Scriptures review: Do we recommend it?

Yes, we really do! It makes me feel good to spend my time watching something uplifting and inspiring.

We hope you give Living Scriptures a try! They were kind enough to give our readers their FIRST MONTH FREE when you sign up through our link!

Click here to get your first month of Living Scriptures for FREE!

Have you tried Living Scriptures? Would love to know what you think! What should we watch next?

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    I have learned a lot of information from your sharing, thanks a lot. Please continue sharing such interesting information.

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    August 10, 2020 at 9:37 am

    Basically for families that don’t take the time to figure out ways to teach their children. It’s basically for parents that don’t want to exert any effort. “Just put them in front of the TV.” Ya, stupid

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