Printable Packing List for a weekend trip!

Getting ready for a trip can be stressful, am I right? Getting away for the weekend is one of the ways I recharge and something I make a priority! Having a printable packing list makes getting out the door a heck of a lot easier!

Since this is something we do as often as we can, we put together a weekend packing list that helps me go through all of the items I’ll need! I print this out or keep a note on my phone with this info! Nothing worse than not having something when you need it!

Whenever we go on trips, we get asked how we make it happen with little ones at home. To be honest, it’s not easy! We set a date, make a plan, and book a babysitter! Good babysitters are definitely hard to come by which is why we periodically have babysitters for date night so everyone gets used to the process of mom and dad leaving. It also gives the babysitter a chance to get to know our kids and ask any questions that come up. It feels much better to leave my kids with someone we all know, love and trust!

We spill ALL the dish about friends, leaving for trips, and how we manage our schedules inside Classy Clutter Organizing Academy! Did you know that CCOA is an audio course? You can listen right from your phone on the go!

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably headed out pretty soon! Have so much fun and tell us all about your trip when you get back, okay?

Travel Essentials:

Fanny Pack


Packing Cubes

Make Up Case

Battery Pack

Travel Wet Brush


Free Printable Packing List for a weekend trip -

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