Modern Ranch Reno: Laundry Room Reno Part 1 DEMO

One of the things that I loved about the Modern Ranch Reno was the Laundry Room. In our last house our Laundry Room shared a space with the door leading out the backyard and also the pantry. When our laundry was clean or dirty it really had not place to go which means it would end up every where. I was pumped that our new house had a real and separate Laundry Room. With that being said I also knew that it was going to need a face lift.

The laundry room started out with plain tile, weird wallpaper, cabinets and sink. At first I loved the thought of a sink but after we lived with the sink for a while we decided that we could use the space better if we got rid of it. I would still love a sink in the garage someday or something but for now the sink had to go. 

First thing we did was remove the upper cabinets. These were not great cabinets and outdated so we decided to replace them.

Then we took out the sink and the lower cabinet.

After those cabinets were removed we took out the soffit so we would have some more room for upper cabinets down the road.

There was a built in iron board on one of the walls that also had to go. We wanted to use the space the best we could and for what our family needs are. This was an easy choice for us since I don’t do much ironing.

We were left with a hole in the wall but we knew we would have other drywall repairs so we were not too worried about it.

 Next we removed the tile. Luck for us this tile came up way better then the tile in our family room. We used a chisel bit to help remove it all.

Since we were redoing the laundry room my husband and I decided that if we ever wanted a second set of washers and dryers then the time was now. We were at one point going to add a set in our master closet but we just don’t have the space for it and since we removed the sink and the upper cabinets we decided that we could two sets of washer and dryers if we stacked them so that what we planned on doing. With that decision we had to redo some the of the plumbing and electrical. Luckily my husband is a contractor and he is also a plumber by trade so he could all the work we need for that.

But when we opened up the wall we got WAY MORE then we bargained. The piece of wood at the bottom was totally destroyed by termites. Yes, TERMITES! We were full panicked. One, because before we bought the house we had a full termite inspection and they claimed we had none. Second, how was this going to set back the time and money for this project. I was planning on not having a washing a dryer for a few days but with this set back we were nervous. 

The damage was bad. You can see the wood on the right is what the wood should look like and then the wood on the left is what we were dealing with. SO that was not ideal but we called out some termite treatment specialist and they give us the treatment plan, cost and timeframe. They told us that they would do the treatment from the outside and through the concrete so we could go head and move forward with the laundry remodel and they would get us on the books for the treatment. Luckily it was only this side of the house and that there was not any real damage on the other side of the house.

With that kind of behind us, we ( I mean my husband Kyle) replaced the wood and some of the framing and then he started work on the plumbing and the electrical stuff. 

Both of the washers will be on the bottom and so he ran new plumbing for both machines and the two new dryer vents and the electric boxes for all four machines.  This was ALOT of work, I had not idea how much work until he started and it took a few days. In moments like these I am just so grateful for a husband that knows how to do all the things!

After all of that stuff in wall was done it was time for new dry wall. Kyles uncle came over to help him out with that part. Kyle has done many patches and fixed our drywall before but this whole room needed to be redone and so I was grateful that he could call his uncle and he helped us out.

That kind of wraps up the Demo and our Laundry Room Part 1.

Now here is what the game plan is…

  • Flooring
  • Paint the walls and ceiling
  • New Appliances
  • New Concrete Countertops
  • New Cabinets

I can’t wait to share with you the rest of the Laundry Room Makeover. STAY TUNED

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    Isadora Guidoni
    August 28, 2017 at 11:33 am

    Your laundry room is already looking great! I can’t see the final result! Please keep sharing <3

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