How to organize your fridge

This post is sponsored by Bed, Bath and Beyond. As always all opinions are my own.

Having an organized home makes everyone feel better. Bed, Bath and Beyond has so many amazing different products to help you get organized in your home. One space that I wanted to get under control is our refrigerator. Our refrigerator is a space that every single member of my family uses several times a day. I wanted the fridge to be organized so that everything is easy to find, especially grab and go snacks and lunch items for all my kids.

Before doing anything I took inventory of what we have in our fridge and then I went onto Bed, Bath and Beyond.com and I ordered all different sizes and shapes of organizing bins. Here is a list of the items that I ended up using.

Organizer containers I used:

Step 1- Clean out everything

To start you are going to want to clean out everything. I wiped out all the side bins and cleaned all the shelves really well.

Step 2- See how your bins fit in your fridge before putting the food in them.

I like to keep items I need for dinners at the top of the refrigerator and then for snacks and other items for kids lunches on lower shelves so that they can get to them easier.

Step 3- Start loading the refrigerator with groceries

After I knew what bins would work best in the layout of the fridge I started to group food items together. I knew I wanted easy grab and go snacks for the kids so I used iDesign® Fridge Binz™ 12-Inch x 15-Inch Divided Deep Tray for bags of snacks on a shelf that was easy to reach for them I love this

For produce I used a iDesign® Cabinet Turntable in the corner of the fridge.

For my dressings I used a iDesign® Cabinet Turntable.

I love using this InterDesign® Fridge Binz™ Egg Bin I think it looks so much better then the cardboard egg cartons. I also like the iDesign® Fridge Binz™ Water Bottle Holder I think it frees up so much space.

In the drawer I used a set of iDesign® Fridge Binz™ 12-Inch x 15-Inch Divided Deep Tray

For leftovers and other food that does have packages I used this set of OXO Good Grips® Smart Seal 12-Piece Container Set in Clear/Blue. They have a smart seal to keep food fresh.

I used the iDesign® Large Bath Bin at the top of the fridge for things I need for dinners. I love that this keeps these items separate for me.

I love having my refrigerator organized. It makes everything way easier to find and makes it so easy to grocery shop because I know exactly what I need. Bed Bath & Beyond has everything you need to keep your home organized.


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