How to Incorporate Fresh Flowers Into Everyday Home Decor

Fresh flowers add beauty and cheer to any room of your home, and incorporating them into everyday home décor is easy. The secrets of how to decorate using flowers aren’t known just by florists. Anyone can accomplish decorating magic with a pretty bouquet or arrangement.

Incorporating Flowers into Classic Living Spaces

The living room comes alive when fresh flowers are added to the décor of the room. For a classic look, place a flower order for a bouquet of red roses that can be set in a glass vase on a coffee table. A formal flower arrangement created by a trained florist can also occupy a place of honor in the living room. Try placing an arrangement on a free-standing pedestal or end table to draw attention to it. Another option for living room floral décor is to place two tall, thin vases on end tables on either side of the sofa and set a few tall flowers, such as forsythia, in each vase.

 The classic way to incorporate fresh flowers into dining room décor is to use them as a centerpiece on the dining room table. If the existing décor is modern and sophisticated, a tall glass vase with a few calla lilies makes an ideal focal point. A rustic country dining room can be enhanced with a bundle of dahlias. For a truly unique look, make a flower order from your local florist for a dozen loose white tulips or roses, then separate them into six separate bright blue glass bottles to create a line or grouping on your table.


 For the bedroom, keep flowers looking romantic and loosely arranged. Choose a bouquet that includes many different types of flowers instead of relying on only a single monochromatic look. A basket or rustic tin container makes a great base for a bundle of pink roses, lavender, peonies, daisies, and more. Another romantic idea for decorating with flowers in the bedroom is to fill a wide, shallow glass bowl with water and cut the heads off of flowers such as gardenias, peonies, and dahlias to float them in the bowl along with floating candles.

Enhancing Smaller Rooms with Flowers

Because flowers in the kitchen may encounter blasts of warm air from an oven or stove, the key to great-looking flowers in this room is durability. Choose long-lived flowers that can hold up to anything, such as carnations, for this room of the home. A glass vase may be at risk of accidental breakage in the often-used kitchen, so place flowers in a plastic or metal vase instead.

Most people don’t consider putting fresh flowers in the bathroom, but this can be one of the rooms that can benefit most from a pretty bouquet. Because the bathroom tends to be a small room, opt for a small arrangement of miniature flowers, such as miniature roses and grape hyacinth. These can be set into a small jar or colorful ceramic vase and placed on the counter near the sink or atop a bathroom hutch where linens are stored. Alternately, an arrangement of exotic flowers, such as orchids or bird-of-paradise flowers, can add an exciting touch to your bathroom décor.


 In addition to the indoor areas of your home, outdoor living spaces can also benefit from fresh flowers. The key to using fresh flowers for decorating outside is to choose looser arrangements and more casual containers. A bouquet of spring tulips in an antique watering can or stoneware vase can work wonders on a porch or deck. Flowers don’t have to be cut to make a great arrangement, either. A planter of fresh blooming flowers set at the entryway to a home makes a grand impression for guests coming to visit.


About the Author:
Patricia Hall works part-time for a florist focusing on floral delivery but loves to surround herself with flowers at any given point of time. Even in her free time she loves to involve herself with everything flora and fauna. ‘To me there is nothing more beautiful and global as the language of flowers – it is the easiest to understand all around the world in the same way. That is one reason why I truly admire flowers for what they represent in some ways – unity of all mankind!’

 Thanks so much to Patricia Hall for her fabulous advice on how to incorporate fresh flowers into everyday decor! I’m sure we can all agree that we LOVE fresh flowers!! What girl doesn’t?! 🙂 Thanks again Patricia!



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    February 27, 2012 at 12:55 am

    I love fresh flowers! All of these are so beautiful. Thanks for the springy inspiration!


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    Suzy Home Made
    February 27, 2012 at 1:02 am

    Yes! When the city market is in full force, I always get 2 bunches of flowers from a Dutch lady that sells them 2 for $6. They normally last almost 2 weeks!

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    March 3, 2013 at 12:40 am

    What a genius idea – absolutely love those flowers!!!

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    Zequek Estrada
    May 30, 2017 at 10:32 am

    I’ve been thinking about investing in a vase or two. My friend had this lovely flower arrangement in her house that brought the room to life. I really like this idea of getting a tall vase and filling it with a few calla lilies. I’m not a big flower person, but that sounds like a wonderful suggestion.

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