Easy Garage Door Upgrades

I shared a post on Instagram about how I did easy garage door upgrades to up the curb appeal of our house and add a little more character to our home’s exterior.

Magnetic Garage Door hardware

The easiest upgrade to make your doors look custom is to install magnetic garage door hardware to your doors. I got mine on amazon and we LOVE them. They snap on with heavy duty magnets and stay put until you move them, even through rough weather. You can get creative as to where to put the straps and handles and play with it until you like the look.

Install a flag

Flags are really fun to fly on holidays but we love to fly our American flag year round. You can install a little angled bracket with a couple screws into trim on your house and fly your flag whenever you want! Buy a flag kit (including mounting hardware here: https://amzn.to/2T0uL97

Style it with faux plants

I got two faux boxwood plants that came potted in black urns from At Home (unavailable online) but here are some similar ones that I liked online. Even if you don’t have individual garage doors, you can still put a plant on one or both ends. A lot of the outdoor faux plants are UV resistant so they don’t fade in the sun.

Here are the other items we used on the exterior of our home!

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