Easy No-Sew Felt Table Runner

I had grand plans to make a table runner with a colorful felt edge and gold leaf and typography and ALL THE THINGS. But then I finished the first step I took a breather and realized that sometimes less IS more.

foyer table with DIYrunner

• Canvas Painters Drop cloth (I bought the 6-by-9 foot on from Home Depot, but used a ton of it for another project and I STILL have some leftover)
• Colorful felt (I cut out roughly 60 circles and again… lots leftover)
• Scissors
• Hot Glue Gun

runner supplies

Decide how long you want your table runner. I kept mine to the length of the drop cloth so I didn’t have to ‘hem’ the short ends. Measure and cut. (Incidentally, I also made sure to use one long edge of the drop cloth so… you guessed it… I didn’t have to hem.)

Cut drop cloth

Using your hot glue gun, fold over the one cut edge. Hemming for the lazy girl if you will…

glue edge of table runner

I measured the length of the runner and determined that three-inch scallops would fit evenly. Wanna know what’s 3 inches wide? This roll of packing tape. Bingo.

Trace felt circles

Trace and cut circles out of felt. Lots of circles. Then, cut each circle in half.

Cut felt circes

felt circles cut in half

Glue the semi circles underneath the drop cloth along the hem line.

glue on circle edges

This is the point where I had planned the aforementioned gold and typography and THINGS. But in a rare case of restraint… I took a look and decided that the vibrant felt edge was the only thing that this simple autumnal table runner needed.

DIY felt circle table runner

scallop table runner from side

Is there anything better than a simple inexpensive DIY project that is SO pretty?!

scalloped table runner on display

Felt circle table runner

Other projects pictured? See how I made that vintage-y bread bowl here. And the tutorial for the felt artwork is here. Now that this quick project saved you all this time, what do you want to talk about next?! Favorite Halloween candy? What’s spookier, a vampire bride or a zombie witch? Toasted pumpkin seeds… yay or nay?

No-sew scalloped table runner


Thanks so much for sharing Charlotte! You know we loooove colorful scallops around this place! Be sure and follow Charlotte on her blog, Ciburbanity, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+

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