DIY Serving trays

I wanted to make some fun, cute, and cheap serving trays. I used old stair spindles from my moms house along with small wooden plaques from Michael’s and plates that were found at thrift stores and hobby lobby.
I started out by using a saw to cut the spindles at random lengths. Then, I used a drill bit that is slightly smaller then my screws to drill holes into each end of the spindles and also drill a hole in the center of the plates and the center of the wooden plaques. 
I screwed the wooden plaques and the spindles together to create the base of the tray.
Then, the fun part…Paint!
I primed with kilz spray primer, and then spray painted the plates and the base of the tray.
I choose to do all different colors and since I was screwing the plate onto the base of the tray I could mix and match. Storing the serving trays would also be easier since I could unscrew the plate from the base.
Love how they turned out! 

I love that I can use these for many different events. Baby showers, holidays, weddings, or any other party.

What do you think?
Enjoy the rest of your Spring Break!

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