FREE Measurement Conversion Chart Printable and the best invention ever!

Spicy Shelf_Full2 Hi friends! I’m excited to share a few things with you today! I have a super cute FREE Measurement Conversion printable for you and I have to tell you about the best kitchen shelf ever! I was recently asked to check out this brand new product called “The Spicy Shelf”. It basically mounts inside your existing cabinet and stores up to 72 spices!!! You could even use it for medicine or craft supplies! I wanna a bunch of them to store my glitters, acrylic paints, etc! Check out how it transformed my cabinet.

Spice Cabinet Mess

Here’s what it looked like before I installed the Spicy Shelf. PS. It literally took 30 seconds to install. It all slides together and doesn’t require any tools. See, this is what happens when you store a million spices in a random cupboard. Please tell me I’m not alone. This is so not functional!

In the past, I liked to store them in my DIY Canned food cabinet but all my spices take up like 3 of my shelves. Not cool. This is a brilliant solution in my teeny kitchen.

Spicy Shelf_After

I am soooo excited about it. I keep opening the cupboard just to gaze at the pretty lined up spices!

Spicy Shelf_Full.jpg

 Doesn’t it looks so perty!?!? I love it! I also have a couple easy organizing tips for you!

1. Keep like items together. They stack nicely and neat and it looks pretty too. You’ll also be able to keep track of what you have and what you’ve run out of.

2. Use hooks on the insides of cabinet drawers. I have hung my pot holders, measuring spoons, fly swatter and more inside my cabinet doors. Out of sight and organized!

3. Label everything! I am a huge fan of labels. I use chalkboard labels, tags and vinyl labels to organize everything. They’re all over my home. I love it. You can purchase tons of different labels in my etsy shop here.

4. Print my free printable and mount it in your cabinet. I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve looked up a measurement conversion on my phone or computer during cooking. So annoying to have to go find my phone and look it up. Now, it’s right where I need it all the time! Holla! Oh, it’s stinkin’ cute too if I do say so myself!

Measurement Conversion Printable

 Anyone else loving chalkboards lately?! I love this printable. I rounded the edges and used Mod Podge to adhere it to a wooden board I distressed and painted.

measurement conversion chart

 What do you think!? Basically, you have two assignments if you’re ready to tackle your cupboards or pantry! Get a Spicy Shelf (here) and print the measurement conversion chart… OH! and label everything!! It will seriously change your organizing life and it looks super cute!

One more assignment… Pin this if you love it! 😉

Measurement Conversion Collage.jpg

 See ya tomorrow with an awesome recipe you won’t wanna miss!



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  1. Wondering if I’m missing the link to the printable for the measurement chart? Clicking on the pic just brings up the jpg in a new tab, so I guess I can print that, except that the photo right above it seems to be part of it too.

    1. I love this, but I can’t get it to print! I promise, I read the instructions, but I still can’t!
      Thanks for sharing your talents!

  2. Hi!! I’ve just found your site and I LOVE it!! I’m trying, unsuccessfully, to print your free measurement printable. I must be doing something wrong as I cannot get it to print. Thank you so much for your generosity!! It would be great if there is any way you could help me to print this chart:-). Again, thank you so very much!

  3. Hi, I too am trying to print this chart. I’ve tried unsuccessfully. If you get a chance, can you please help me? This is so awesome!

  4. I would like to have a copy of your measurement chart, but I think there might be a mistake on there. It says 1 pound = 2 cups. Shouldn’t that read 1 pint = 2 cups?

  5. hi i love your conversions chart so cute but i can’t get it to print is there andy way you can help me ? Thanks Laura

  6. Oh my goodness, I love the mini shelving lining the sides. This doesn’t sacrifice any shelving I already currently have, but it will help clear up the clutter in my cabinet for sure. Thank you for the tips!

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