The Best Paint Sprayer | My Honest Graco Cordless Paint Sprayer Review

When I moved into our house a few years ago, I didn’t realize how much I would need a paint sprayer. For a long time, I was perfectly fine with my paint brush, roller, and pan. It did the job just fine and was affordable and accessible. As I became more comfortable with DIY projects, I started to want a different finish for specific projects. When it comes to tasks like painting cabinets and furniture, you just can’t achieve the same look as you can with a paint sprayer!

Here are some projects we used for this sprayer for!

The Best Paint Sprayer Is…Drumroll please….

That is where my journey to find the BEST paint sprayer began and I’m here to tell you – wow, did I find it! The Graco TC Pro Cordless Battery Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer has been the best tool we’ve added to our arsenal in quite a long time!

best paint sprayer

What Makes the Best Paint Sprayer So Great?

The best paint sprayer is determined by a few different features that in my opinion are a must have!

  1. Simple to setup
  2. Direct, but light spray of paint
  4. Easy to clean
best paint sprayer

I have tried so many paint sprayers. In fact, I’ve spent probably thousands on different sprayers over the years claiming to be affordable and well made. My husband Kyle is a contractor and on a random trip to The Home Depot, we came across this cordless sprayer that we just had to try out. We had a big project coming up and the thought of being stuck to outlet to spray everything we needed wasn’t ideal. I am so glad we took the plunge because we have found this gem that we use for almost every single paint job to this day.

We have had Graco TC Pro Cordless Battery Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer for over a year now and after 10+ projects and multiple uses, it has held up so well.

Graco TC Pro Cordless Battery Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

  • You can spray in any direction! Have you ever tried to paint a ceiling?! This thing is a must for that project. Most paint sprayers won’t work very well the second they aren’t level with the ground. Not this one!
  • It has very even pressure without overspray. Most people don’t like sprayers because it will give you a heavy spray when it is full of paint and then towards the end, it is really light. This can cause you to use more coats of pain than you need.
  • Cordless is the only way to go with a paint sprayer. We needed to spray some furniture and it was SO nice to be able to do this outside without an extension cord in the way. The flexibility of a cordless paint sprayer is such a game changer. You’ll never go back!
  • No paint thinning required! Just load your favorite paint into the sprayer and after some space prep, it is ready to go!
best paint sprayer

Here’s How This Sprayer Could Be Better:

  • It runs through batteries pretty quickly. I always start with a full charge and have an extra DeWalt battery on hand. With the extra battery, you’ll be good to go!
  • It’s pricey. I wish it was a bit more affordable. Still worth it, though!
  • The paint container is on the smaller side. The benefit though is that the sprayer is very light. If it were bigger, it would be pretty heavy.

When Do You Use a Paint Sprayer vs. Roller?

The larger the project, the more likely I am going to use a paint sprayer. The downside to paint sprayer is that it requires a lot of prep. You’ll need to tape off and cover the surrounding areas so paint doesn’t get to them which is why it usually only makes sense to spray large areas.

For example, if I was painting one wall, I would probably just roll it on instead of spraying so I don’t need to tape off the other 3 walls, furniture, flooring, etc.

For any project that requires a professional, smooth finish like furniture or cabinets, I will always spray! The finish is just that much better with a quality sprayer. No paint lines!

I hope this gave you a good idea if the Graco TC Pro Cordless Battery Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer is right for your next project! As someone who paints a lot, I’m so glad I have this! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments!


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