BOREDOM BUSTERS: Best Games for Kids

Quarantine is a….special time, right? Finding the best games for kids to keep them busy has been our number one challenge! It seems like we have gone through all of our games and activities! There have been a few that have become family favorites and keep our kids entertained for at least an hour! That is about 10 hours in kid time so we consider that a win!

  1. Tenzi Dice
  2. Trouble
  3. Magnatiles
  4. Eye Found It
  5. Double Ditto
  6. Clue
  7. Scattergories
  8. Case Files
  9. Salem
  10. Risk
  11. Spot It!
  12. Battleship
  13. Uno
  14. Jumanji
  15. Family Charades

How We Store Games

  1. Smaller size
  2. Bigger size

I am obsessed with these game organizers that I found on Amazon! They do such a great job at keeping all of the pieces together and do not take up too much room in my cabinet! Such a great space saver.

How To Play Tenzi!

Dice linked here!

Best Games For Kids

Best Games for Kids: Ages 2-5

These are perfect for the little ones in your family!


Ages 5+


Pattern Block Set

Ages 7+

Best Games for the Whole Family

What have been your favorite ways to keep the family entertained during quarantine? I’m hoping to add some new ones in the mix!


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