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  • Back to School Ideas: First Day of School Printables 2015-2016

    2016 UPDATE: We now have 2016-2017 First Day of School Prints in our Etsy shop! It comes with all grade levels ready to print!  Grab yours here: First Day of School Signs. Due to extreme high demand of customizations and requests, we had to add them to our shop. Thanks for your understanding!  Hi friends! Who’s ready for school to start? MEEEEE!!!! My kids are excited too but I am really excited to be back on a schedule. Type A + Summer vaca and no structure = crazy town! I have your Back to School Free Printables for this school year again for you! I have 2 little ones in school this year and two at home so it’s going to be a big change in our house. We’re gearing up for the first day! I took some fun pictures of my boys and my nieces to document their big day! I can’t believe some kids have already started! Click the links below to download and print!  First day of Preschool First day of Pre K First day of Kindergarten First day of…

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  • First Day of School Free Printable Signs -

    First Day of School Free Printable Signs

    UPDATE: We now have 2016-2017 First Day of School Prints in our Etsy shop! It comes with all grade levels ready to print!  Grab yours here: First Day of School Signs Last year, these First Day of School Free printable signs were a huge hit and I have had a ton of requests for the new school year version! Welcome the 2014-2015 school year and snap a picture of your kid(s) on their first day! I am excited to add a few new ones this year like “First day of Junior High”, “First day of High School” (if your high schoolers will still let you snap a picture of them on their first day!) and “First day of School!” for families to get a picture together with all of the kiddos. Download the printables by clicking the appropriate link for the grade level you need below. First Day of School First day of Preschool First day of Pre-K First Day of Kindergarten First Day of 1st Grade First Day of 2nd Grade First Day of 3rd Grade First Day of 4th…

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  • First Day of School FREE printables {Preschool-12th Grade}

    “Back to School” time is right around the corner. I have created these chalkboard “First Day of School” FREE printables for anyone who has kids starting school. I have created Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grades 1-12. I love that they’re gender neutral and I have included the school year as well so you never forget what year the photo was taken! Aren’t they so fun?! Last year, I simply typed and printed this one for my little guy but this year I wanted something…well, cuter! I think the chalkboard printables will be perfect! You can download any or all of these FREE printables HERE!  If you like these, do me a favor and pin the collage image so everyone can use them for their kiddos! Thanks so much for stopping by today!…

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  • Back to School Prep Station

    This post is sponsored by Viva® Towels. All ideas and opinions are our own, always. It’s finally time for our kids to go back to school which is always a bittersweet moment. While I know we all thrive with more structure, I’ll miss those lazy summer days and laid-back attitude that summer brings. When school starts, we like to go through and completely purge and organize our pantry. Our kids prep breakfast and pack lunches in this space, so I’ll show you our system that helps us to ensure they aren’t packing a million sugary snacks. Plan & Prep First, we purge and toss everything that is expired. Then, I wipe out cabinets and drawers to get rid of any crumbs or dust so we can begin the school year with a fresh space. We use Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ for the entire job. They clean like cloth and easily trap and lock mess on many surfaces.  They are strong enough to tackle everything in here from wiping down the countertops, small appliances and any breakfast messes that inevitably happen in…

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  • Back to School Tips and Preparing for Back to School

    Going Back to school is a fun and exciting time. Get prepared with these Back to School Tips. This post is sponsored by Clorox. All opinions are my own. We love getting back to school. My kids love school, they really do love the structure and love to see their friends. This year we are all excited for the school year to begin. I did a few things that made getting back to school easier and wanted to share my back to school tips with you. Back to School Tips and How we can prepare for Back to School This year, we have three of our four kids in all day school. They all go to the same school. My third child Ryder is 5 years old and he started Kindergarten this year. A few days before school started we went down to the school and walked around so he would know where everything was. We were also able to meet the teachers and show the kids where they will be sitting and what their schedule would be this year. We…

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  • Last Day of School Free Printables 2015-2016

    Last Day of School Free Printables 2015-2016 Hi! It is almost the last day of school and my kids can not wait for summer. Summer is so fun but gets super crazy but we are excited to spend our days in the pool! Anyways School is almost out and how cute are these free printable? I have created them and my kids have loved taking pictures with them. I think Its going to be our new favorite last day of school picture printable! I hope you use them and love them as much as my kids and I do!! They are so easy to use. All You have to do is choose the one you want and print them all out! Your kids will love to use them for a fun photo shoot. Hi guys here are all the different options that I have created! Pick what ones you need and print them! I have also provided Printables below that does not include any grade. Last day of School Preschool TK Pre K Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade…

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  • Back to School: DIY Backpack Tags

    These DIY Gold Foiled Backpack Tags are sure to jazz up even the most boring backpacks! Make one for your kid and send them off to school in style! School started! *Cue Hallelujah Choir singing* Don’t get us wrong. WE LOVE OUR KIDDOS but they were SO ready for structure and routine again. My kids (Mallory) were done with school in April since we moved from New York to Arizona so it was a looooong 4 months of no school, very little structure and lots of bored, tired kids at home. Since school has started, we’ve all been happier, more productive and SO much more structured around our house. Savannah and I decided to make these super cute foiled backpack tags for her little gals’ backpacks this year. They have these amazing Betsy Johnson backpacks and we knew these cute little tags would add a little personal touch as she sent them off to Kindergarten and 1st grade! We each have a 5 year old and a 6 year old that started school this year so it has been a…

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  • Last Day of School Free Printables

    Last Day of School Free Printables   **UPDATE** All downloads should be working properly now! Thanks for your patience!!! Hey guys! Due to popular demand, I’ve got this years Last Day of School Free Printables for you! I know a few places have already finished school, lucky ducks but several places still have a few days, weeks or even over a month left! First, download your appropriate grade(s) or if you have a few kiddos and want to capture one good picture, download the Last Day of School printable. This has the year but no grade or school level so it’s perfect for a shot of all of your kids, neighbor kids, bus stop or even the whole class! Click on the link below of the one you want to download and save it to your desktop. Open the image (I use Preview) and click Print. Next, print your image on smooth cardstock if possible. Last year, I mounted it on red construction paper to jazz it up a bit. Tip: I used the “Print Entire Image” preset and this worked…

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  • Easy Valentine’s Day M&M Cookies

    These easy Valentine’s Day Cookies are packed full of yummy M&M candies and so festive for Valentine’s Day! Hi friends! So glad you stopped by today! Are you getting excited for Valentine’s Day? We are!!! We’ve loved sharing our Valentine’s Day projects (and recipes!) with you. If you’re popping over for the first time, welcome! We sure hope you stay a while. So, I’m a mom of 4 little boys, age 6 and under. Yes, I’m a little crazy. Yes, they’re a lot crazy. That being said, they are the coolest bunch of little dudes ever and I just love them to pieces. I’m a work at home mom, running 2 businesses from home while caring for my little dudes. My oldest is in Kindergarten and my 2nd goes to Preschool a couple days a week but usually, my house is packed full of crazy little superheroes, dressed up like Jedis, playing Legos. They are all boy and crazy and cool as they come. The great thing about little boys is that they are all “Momma’s Boys”. In a good way.…

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  • Back to School Ideas

    If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve had a bunch of back to school ideas for you this year! Reason being, Savannah and I both have our oldest kiddos starting Kindergarten and our 2nd oldest kids in Preschool! It’s SO bittersweet for me because my 5 year old gets bored easily at home and is ready to be challenged a bit. We definitely run out of things to do that can entertain both my 5 year old and my 1 year old. I mean, you can only go to the park so many times and play legos for so many hours! 😉 They’re great at entertaining each other most of the time but like I said, we’re all ready for some structure and routine. I’ve rounded up a ton of fun Back to School ideas for you today! Everything from lunch ideas to First Day of School printables to Teacher’s gifts and more! Hope you enjoy them and can put most or all of them to great use! Teacher’s Survival Kit Gift Idea – this is awesome to give your child’s teacher…

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  • Last Day of School Printables |Preschool - 12th Grade |

    Last Day of School Printables

    Looking for 2014-2015?? Find them here >>> Hello everyone! Summer is upon us and the kiddos are just about out of school! You guys loved my First Day of School Chalkboard Printables (over 20,000 pins! Thank you!!!) so I couldn’t leave you hanging for the last day of school printables! I have created Preschool – 12th grade. Be sure to save and print whichever grade you’re kiddo is in and take a photo of them to document this milestone! Especially little ones, they grow up too too fast! Download by clicking the link below to the ones you need: Last Day of Preschool Printable Last Day of Pre-K Printable Last Day of Kindergarten Printable Last Day of 1st Grade Printable Last Day of 2nd Grade Printable Last Day of 3rd Grade Printable Last Day of 4th Grade Printable Last Day of 5th Grade Printable Last Day of 6th Grade Printable Last Day of 7th Grade Printable Last Day of 8th Grade Printable Last Day of 9th Grade Printable Last Day of 10th Grade Printable Last Day of 11th Grade Printable…

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  • Spotlight Saturday Top 10

    Dresser Makeover from Ordinary Happily Ever After Black French Provincial Desk from Simply Chic Treasures Master Bedroom Makeover from Southern Chic Love Book page flower ball from Sometimes Twice Classic Grey China Cabinet from Elizabeth and Co. Crockpot Honey Mustard Chicken Dinner French Provincial Bedroom Set from Picked and Painted MInt School Desk from Atkinson Drive Delicious Low Fat Chocolate Cookies from Yummy Healthy Easy DIY Glass Bottle Lamp from The Concrete Cottage Wow! Those are some awesome features if you ask me! Thanks for linking up everyone! See ya tomorrow for our first November link party!…

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