DIY Wooden Growth Chart Tutorial

Growth charts and height charts for kids have been all the rage! They are absolutely perfect for any kid’s room and I LOVE that you can take it with you when you move. My family measured me on the back of my parent’s bathroom door and now… someone else lives there and I’m sure it’s been painted over :( Here’s the solution my friends! A super easy, super cute DIY Growth Chart!


I’m going to share two versions for you. One where you can hand paint the tick marks on the giant ruler and one where you simply paint and apply vinyl to the board! Couldn’t be easier and your kids will love it! Mine sure do; the proof is in that big giant smile on Mr. C’s face!


1. First, you will need a board. You can use a 6 inch or 8 inch x 6 foot board. These are precut and readily available at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and most home improvement stores.


 2. Next, stain or paint your board! I chose to do painted and stained stripes on the one for my boys’ room and you can see that my friends did an all stained look.

*Don’t mind the Relief Society board. That was another project! ;)


3. Next, if you’re painting your tick marks and numbers on, you will start measuring your board and marking every inch. Skip to step number 7 if you are planning on using vinyl.


 4. Then, we used a black paint pen (available at most craft stores) and went over our previously measured tick marks.


It should look something like this when you’re done. I did 1″ markings on the “inch” tick marks and a 2″ marking where each “foot” would be marked.

5. Next, we printed off some numbers (1-6) on a regular inkjet printer and used it as a template for painting on our numbers at each foot.


6.  All you do is take an ink pen and trace the number over top of the paper, pressing firmly to make a light marking in the wood so you know where to paint. It’s okay if some ink leaks through if you are painting the numbers a dark color.


Can you see the “1” lightly marked in the wood? Now, take your paint pen, or your super steady hand and a small paintbrush and paint the numbers on.

7. After my painted marks and numbers dried, I took my sander and distressed the whole piece but that’s totally optional!

If you plan to use vinyl, all you need to do is paint or stain your board then apply the vinyl to it! Couldn’t be easier.

The vinyl decal is available on my etsy shop here.

growth charts

I also sell this personalized growth chart available in my shop.


Do you keep track of your kids’ height in a special way?


Baby’s Mini Nursery Nook (in our Master Bedroom)

I’m excited to share with you baby’s mini nursery in our newly redone (but not yet revealed here on the blog) master bedroom. Baby should be here any day so I can’t wait to put this space to better use.
As you can tell, I went for a really elegant, neutral color palette to match the rest of my bedroom.
I got the glider on Craigslist for a steal! It was still in the plastic and about $100 cheaper than all of the used ones I found. I got the grey ruffled pillow from HomeGoods.
Remember the DIY Silhouettes from Christmas time? They made they’re way upstairs into our bedroom after Christmas. I got the gold scrolly applique from Hobby Lobby for 1/2 off!
This little bookcase was a freebie and I gave it a little makeover with chalk paint. I’ll show you more of that next week. It desperately needed a makeover. I got the little baskets from Hobby Lobby too for 1/2 off.
Here’s a look at the other side. You can also kind of see the layout of this little nook in our bedroom. It’s the perfect spot for baby’s stuff.
I found this cradle on the side of the road in perfect structural condition but it needed painted badly. I first painted it black but after redoing our room, I wanted it grey. I used Glidden Olivewood and made DIY Chalk paint to paint it. Then, I gave it a coat of Minwax paste wax. I loooove the distressed grey with the white satin and minky bedding I made. I also made the mattress out of some 4″ foam from Joann’s and a vinyl shower curtain to make it water/fluid resistant like a typical crib mattress.
This awesome rug came from HomeGoods too for only $16! I love it!
It’s kind of hard to see the print but the drapes came from HomeGoods too. They’re curtains are awesome quality and not expensive at all! I made the gold bay window curtain rod from a conduit and this tutorial. The tutorial is awesome and you can get a huge window curtain rod for under $10!
…and one final look at this side. I really love how it all came together! Now little baby, come out!!!
What do you think?! Do you like it?

How to stencil a design on furniture {Biplane Dresser Makeover}

My two little boys share a bedroom and it is a vintage airplane themed room. My kids love airplanes so we knew it was perfect for them. They have loved it! You can see the full post and lots of photos here.
Fast forward… and baby boy #3 is expected to arrive in March!
This bedroom is super super spacious so we aren’t worried about squeezing the little babe and his stuff into the room.  I have a list of about 800 million projects for baby but I needed to start with painting his dresser since we will be losing our warm weather here in New York pretty much any day now.

I looked for a dresser with a “flat front” for a month or so. I knew what I wanted to do with it but finding it was not easy. Craigslist and thrift stores were not helping me out. Then, one day I stumbled into a nearby thrift store “just to check” after the gym one day and there she was! It was marked $55 which is more than I normally spend but I was desperate! Then, I went to pay for it and they informed me it was 40% off! YAY! Made my day!

First thing I did was came up with a stencil for the front. I wanted to cover most of the front using a biplane reverse stencil. I got busy on my Silhouette software and after finding this image online, I was ready to go!

I cut it into two long pieces to make it easier to attach and to handle. Have you ever worked with a giant sticker? They can be tricky so cutting it into smaller pieces is always a good idea!

Next, I stuck the vinyl to the dresser front. I took an Xacto knife and trimmed the vinyl where each of the drawers opened make make sure everything was stuck down properly and everything lined up correctly.
Now, the drawer pulls were kinda tricky. Normally, I remove hardware and paint it separately then reattach. Well, these babies are nailed in really well and I really didn’t want to mess with removing and reattaching them.
So I did it in reverse. I taped off the pull so no paint got inside the drawers. Sprayed them with Krylon’s brushed nickel and a clear coat spray paint. Once it was dry, I taped the newly painted pulls off so I could spray the dresser Navy.
I also taped off the top and bottom strips of wood so a little more wood grain would tie it all together once it was all painted. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. ;)

Here she is all ready to paint. I primed the top with Kilz spray primer since that will likely get the most wear and tear. I don’t prime ALL my pieces but it never hurts to and it’s a really simple step.

I used my HVLP spray gun and air compressor to spray the dresser. I used latex paint and I did several coats of the blue to make sure I had good coverage on the entire piece.  I only used about 1/3 of a quart of blue paint. Dark colors cover well when using a paint sprayer.
Finally, I used my Xacto knife again to go around the edges of the now painted vinyl to make sure it didn’t peel up the paint as I peeled the stencil off. I learned that the hard way really fast. Luckily, my friend, the steady hand, was able to fix the spot I messed up a bit. Phew! Thanks Jen! :)

Ahh! I love it! See the “T” up there on the dresser. Let’s hope he “looks like” the name we picked. I have issues with choosing baby names! haha.

Do you see the stripes I added to the bay window area? The train table will relocate to the developing playroom and Baby “T”s crib will sit in the window area. Learn how to paint stripes here.

I really like the slight distressing I added. I think it makes the clean edges look more finished.
The possibilities are endless when it comes to stenciling on furniture. You could do virtually any design!! All you need to do is find some vinyl in the shape/size you want. Look on etsy or contact me for custom vinyl orders. You can visit my etsy shop here.
How to stencil on furniture
I hope you like it! I am super excited to be getting these baby projects done!
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Recovering a Rocking Chair and Cute Nursery!

Eliza's Nursery
My brother Stetson and sister in law Holly recently had a sweet sweet baby girl, Eliza Mae Banks She is the cutest thing ever! She is such a doll.
A few weeks before Eliza was born, Holly found a rocking chair on craigslist and I helped her recover it.
I believe Holly found this rocker from Craigslist for only $10.
First, we took the nasty padding off the chair
Then, we measured out the fabric to start stapling.
I used an air compressor staple gun to staple on the fabric.
Make sure to pull tight around the whole cushion but not too tight or else the fabric will ripple. After stapling around the whole chair we cut off the extra fabric.
Then we laid the top piece on top and started to staple around.  We had to stay very close to the edge so that when we popped the cushion into
place the staples would not be seen.
It turned out perfect!
Here is the cute chair in the nursery. The nursery turned out really really cute. There is one wall that I did not get pictures of because it was a photo collage wall and it is not finished yet but it will be very cute. The changing table is on the that wall and Holly painted it a coral color.Love it!
All the furniture is second hand and was painted by Holly!
P.S. did you notice the cute “Eliza” sign… I made that cute banner for Holly’s baby shower. I used German Glass and old school white glue on chip board letters from Hobby Lobby. Loved how it turned out! If you get the really German Glitter Glass it will age perfectly around the edges! Everyone needs to get there hands on some german glitter glass!
Now go get a cute chair to redo!
How to recover a rocking chair