Colorful Furniture Makeovers

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I’m about to start a few furniture projects to sell and some for clients and friends. So, I went gathering inspiration. I found so many gorgeous colorful furniture makeovers so I wanted to share them with you; as well as some of my own makeovers! I love the Spring and Summer because it’s painting season!

Check out these gorgeous makeovers!

Gorgeous Yellow Dresser from Sweet Pickins

Red Bamboo Dresser from Natty By Design

Tiffany Blue Dresser Makeover – See my tutorial here.

Coral TV Console – See before and afters and my tutorial here.

Hot Pink Faux Bamboo Chest from Chinoiserie Chic

Turquoise Painted Piano from Addicted to Decorating

Coral colored Coffee table from House on the Way

Navy Beds and Red Side table in my Little Boys Airplane Room

Green upholstered headboard – Find our tutorial here.

Peacock Blue Side Table from Centsational Girl

Yellow Dresser Makeover from 4 men 1 lady

Navy China Cabinet by Savannah

Coral Mirrored Dresser from Vintage Revivals

Lime end table makeover from LHJ

Coral Ombre Desk Makeover from Natty By Design

Perfect Yellow Table by Savannah

Duck egg desk from Whimsical Perspective

Poppy Orange Dresser Makeover from Turnstyle Vogue


Creamy Yellow Sewing Desk Makeover 


Hot Pink and Gold Dresser Makeover by Savannah


DIY and Printable Valentine’s for your kid’s class!

I’ve been trying to come up with some fun ideas for my little Carter’s preschool class for Valentine’s day. I found tons of super cute and EASY DIY and printable Valentines that I could use. I love how so many of them don’t involve giving candy since I think we get plenty of sugar on Valentine’s Day/week! 
I’ll be trying a few of these fun ideas out for my kids’ preschool and church groups!

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10 Christmas Crafts to do with your kids!

In our church, we are encouraged to spend time on Monday evenings with our families. It’s really up to each family how they choose to do it. Some have a gospel centered lesson, some work on their families’ emergency preparedness, some go out to the movies or somewhere fun. I love it because there is really no right or wrong way to do it as long as you spend time with your family! How great is that!?

Christmas Crafts to do with Kids

The reason I bring it up today is because I’d love to share what we plan on doing this month for each Monday. For the rest of the year, I will plan our family’s “Family Home Evenings” around teaching my kiddos (2 and 4 years old) about CHRISTmas!
I plan to incorporate a Chirstmasy lesson and do a Christmas craft or recipe with them. Tonight, we are going to talk about the Christmas Star and why it is our tradition to place a star on top of our Christmas Tree. We are going to make this handprint Christmas tree that my son has been dying to make since we bought a canvas and paint on Saturday. :)
Here are some other super fun Christmas crafts and ideas for kids!
I hope you and your little ones can try a few of these and make the Christmas season extra special!
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Inspired Monday: Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Since, Savannah and I are both expecting little boys in the next couple of months, I thought it’d be fun to round up a few adorable little boy nurseries!

Whew! Aren’t they all so cute?! This is definitely helping me get motivated to get my nursery/boys’ room done!
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Halloween Inspiration by Mallory

I’m pretty sure everyone is in Halloween mode right now. I know I am! We’ve already got our costumes decided and purchased and our front door is looking very Halloween-y! 

I wanted to share some adorable Halloween decor items that I’ve found that inspired me this year!
Aren’t these mantels and decor ideas amazing!? I love them all! This year I decided to do a Halloween front porch but stick to Fall inside… but now I’m kind of sad I’m not doing a Halloween mantel! Maybe I’ll have to correct that soon. ;)
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Operation add coral is a go!

I’m doing it. I’m adding one of my favorite colors to my living room but somehow it has snow balled into a whole living room update and change! Don’t get me wrong, I still like it all but if you know me but at all, you know I LOVE change around here! 

I have made some adorable coral pillows and decided to make some DIY abstract artwork above my sofa and one project keeps rolling into another and I have a feeling the whole look and feel of the room is about to change dramatically! I couldn’t be more excited. 
First, I bought a new modern-esque tv stand from a yard sale. It’s a dresser but being transformed. To give you an idea, here’s the iPhone photo and the inspiration for the piece.
and the inspiration for paint color from Natty by Design
Gorgeous right? I’ve already emailed Natty asking for the paint color so I can get started! Yay!!!
Next up, I just ordered some gorgeous fabric to make some new throw pillows! I’m ditching the ones I have already. They’re cute but I’m over them. 
I saw this photo and knew I needed them! 
and finally, here’s a little peek of the abstract artwork I my son and I painted. I have a few touch ups and the frame to paint then she’s going up on the wall! 
He’s the best helper!
Anyway, I wanted to share what I’ve been up to. I can’t wait to show you as things start coming together!

Scattered thoughts and Inspiring Living Spaces

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by today! Today I want to talk living rooms. Here’s what I’m working with. I like it. I love the colors, I love our new flooring… BUT I’m bored. 
I was originally inspired by House of Smith’s color palette in her gorgeous living space
While I’m still obsessed with it, I want to add more. I think coral… I think. I really truly love the neutral I have going on with the aqua and yellow because I can really add or subtract color as I please. The only problem is just going for it! 
If you take a look at my pinterest board, it’s pretty clear that I like the fun coral color that is ever so popular right now. 
I already purchased some coral pillow fabric and a new tv console that is sitting in my garage waiting to be painted. Now I just need to muster up the courage to go for it! What do you think? Is coral too trendy and going to be “out” soon or do you think it’s awesome like I do?? 
I think my first step will to be to to make the coral pillows and prep the tv console while I decide what color to paint it. I asked Savannah and she said to do the coral. She reminded me that “it’s just paint and I could always paint it again”. She’s right, I know. 
Here are some more inspiring, bright and fun living spaces for you. 
Well that’s all folks! What do you think? Should I add more color so it’s not such a strict color palette in the room? Coral? What other colors do you think would “go” in here?

Totally Inspired Monday – Coral

Hi friends! Holy smokes, sitting in the hospital for 2 days with a baby is hard work. I’m exhausted! My little Parker is two years old and came down with some kind of virus. He wouldn’t eat or drink and he has a fever we’re battling but now he’s home and hydrated so we’re on the up! Next step is getting him to eat but at least he is taking fluids. Thanks for all of the prayers and love for my sweet friends and family! 

I have been contemplating adding coral (and maybe some gold) to my living room for a while now. I absolutely love the color and I love that my living room is neutral enough to add or remove little pops of color as I see fit. I have a thing for change in decor if you haven’t guessed yet. :)
Here are some inspiring photos that are making me really excited to add this fun color!
In this one, I love the bold frames on the wall and the aqua sideboard. 
I cannot find the source for this photo but those chairs are too die! Makes me want to reupholster mine but I’m not quite sure I’m brave enough yet. My chairs were a project and a half to reupholster. Boo!
I bought this cute fabric to make some pillows for the room already so I guess I’m committed to adding the color already! You can buy this pillow on etsy.
I love the coral and teal and the dark grey sideboard. YUM! Mood board from the Hunted Interior.
Such a pretty room from DecorPad. I kinda like the idea of the ottoman but my living room is pretty small so I’m not sure that’ll work…but it is too cute! 
Finally, Holy smokes i love everything about this. I love the sofa and I could see each of these things fitting nicely in my living room! Mmm! Mood board from Live Originally. Can you say eye candy?!
Hope you’re having a fantastic day and PLEASE come back tomorrow to see one of the biggest projects I’ve tackled… like ever! I’m super excited about it!
Again, thanks so much for your prayers. Keep praying for my little guy! XOXO,
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Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

I have been on the prowl for FAB Valentine’s day decor ideas!  Here are 10 of my favorites I’ve found.  Valentine’s decor is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for. My favorite color is pink so it makes it so fun that I can put pink decor all over the house without anyone saying anything! *winks*
Holy smokes loves! Those are some fantastic projects! Looks like I need to get myself in gear so I’m ready for the big day ‘o LOVE! 

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Happy New Year and the 2012 Color of the Year!

It’s 2012! Can you believe it!? 12 is my lucky number so I’m super pumped about this year! …aside from the whole world supposed to end thing. That might cramp my style… I have big plans for this year! We hope you have a fantastic year! 

A new year means new beginnings. When I was in Arizona, Savannah and I talked a lot about New Year’s resolutions and a lot of them came down to being more organized and structured! That means we need to make some changes! There are so many thing I need to get organized in my life to make it easier on myself! We hope to share some organizing tips and tricks that work for us throughout the year! 
Oh yeah, the 2012 Color of the year is Tangerine Tango! What a pretty corally orange! I’m loving it! 

WOWZA! I’m not typically an orange girl but man, oh man, these inspiration photos may change me! LOVING every one of them!
Let’s make 2012 AWESOME!