DIY Paintbrush Statement Art

DIY Paintbrush Statement Art

This DIY Paintbrush Statement Art has us written all over it. We LOVE color and we LOVE to paint so this super fun hanging art was a really fun and simple project! It’s perfect for any craft studio! We love the movement and touch of whimsy it adds.

This project is pretty simple and while it may not be for everybody, it’s really cool and you can get creative and hang different objects the same way, not just paintbrushes!

Materials: (*affiliate links)

DIY Paintbrush art 1

First, tape off the wooden handle of your paint brush.

DIY Paintbrush art 2

Paint the wooden handle and the ends of your bristles. Latex paint takes longer to dry but works great. We used some latex and some acrylic, just whatever colors we liked in our stash.

Hang the paintbrushes

Last, (sorry we forgot to get a photo of this part) thread your fishing line through the hole at the end of the brush. We did a giant loop and strung them at different lengths to create the angle. You could do them all evenly or mismatched or create the angle like we did.

Colorful paintbrush art

Kinda crazy, really fun and unique, don’t you think?

DIY Paintbrush Statement Art - Click for tutorial

In our craft studio reveal, some people though the paintbrushes were painted on the curtain, I love that idea too!

Classy Clutter Craft Studio

If you missed it, check out the full studio reveal here, and the DIY INSPIRE Sequins Wall Art here. What do you think?!

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How to make a chalkboard wall

How to paint a giant chalkboard wall

One of my boys’ requests when we redecorated their room was a chalkboard. We thought it would be super fun to do a giant one. Our walls are not overly textured (luckily!) but there are definitely a few steps you need to take if you are going to paint your walls into a chalkboard.

Prep Wall



Spackling Paste (if you need to fill nail holes or minor imperfections)

Painter’s Tape (not pictured)

Chalkboard Paint

Paint stir stick

Paint can opener or flat head screwdriver

Smooth paint roller

Mallet (optional – I use this to close my paint cans after use)

Paint Wall


  1. Use spackling paste to fill any nail holes or imperfections in your wall.
  2. Sand the entire wall smooth. If you have textured walls, you’re going to want to make it as smooth as possible so you can actually write on it when you’re done without it being bumpy. No one wants that.
  3. Tape the edges of your wall, including trim or anywhere you don’t want paint, obviously.
  4. Using your paint roller, apply a thin coat of the chalkboard paint and let dry throughly.  It dries pretty quickly but make sure it is totally dry before you go adding the 2nd coat. Next, apply a second coat of chalkboard paint and make sure the wall is completely black.
  5. Prime the wall. Not with primer. When the wall is 100% dry (check your paint can for details – some brands of paint recommend days or weeks before applying chalk), you will want to prime the wall with chalk. Using the side of a piece of regular white chalk, cover your entire chalkboard with chalk.
  6. Erase the entire wall and you’re done! Now you and your little ones can doodle to your hearts content.

DIY Chalkboard Wall

See the full Superhero Room Reveal here.

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The BEST Painting Tips and Tricks

10 seriously awesome Painting Tips & Tricks that are borderline genius! |

As you probably already know, we are paint obsessed. I mean, we paint a LOT of stuff. Nothing is safe from being painted in my home. Whether it’s spray paint, latex, acrylic, chalk, etc. I will probably paint it if it lives in my home for any length of time. It’s by far the easiest way to make big changes in the home. I’ve gathered some tips that I’ve used for a long long time that are tried and true and make painting anything a heck of a lot easier. You will thank me later. ;)

 Use aluminum foil to line paint trays for easy clean up Cut up an old tshirt to wax furniture

Cut up an old t-shirt to wax furniture projects

Write paint colors on the back of light switch plates

Homemade Chalk Paint Recipe

Make your own chalk paint out of unsanded grout, water and flat paint

Drop Cloth Tip

Use a dollar store shower curtain liner as a painter’s drop cloth!

Puncture the paint can rim to keep a clean seal

How to clean your paintbrushes

Use tape on the insides of drawers when painting furniture (image source unknown)

Use Floetrol to eliminate brush marks

How to remove paint from hardware

Use a magnet to hold your paint brush (source unknown)

Love to spray paint? We do! Check out our spray painting FAQs and tips!

Be sure to check out our “Painting” Pinterest Board for even more tips, tricks and all things paint related!

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White and Gold Dresser- Master Bedroom PART 1

I recently redid my master bedroom and the biggest thing I did was paint the furniture and add in a new little dresser. Before I show you the whole room reveal I wanted to go through and give you all the steps for painting the furniture that way you can paint some of your own stuff . So First thing was first, Picking out the paint and products needed, I choose to use swiss coffee by Behr. 058

How to Paint Furniture |


Paint makes all the difference! I was dragging my feet about paint my furniture for the longest time and now I wonder why in the world it took me so long. If you have a piece you are going back and forth about painting, Paint it! My bedroom furniture was not cheap and I thought I would regret painting it but honestly it was the best decsion ever! It really lightened up my room.

Almost everything I need to do this project was from Home Depot.

To start I wiped the furniture down with a wet wipe and then I wiped out all the drawers. Then I used my sander with a fine grit (like 150 grit) sand paper to go over the whole piece so that the primer would adhere really good.


I used my all time favorite sprayer which is from Harbor Freight and only cost $30 but is normally on sale for $17. Now, this sprayer is not a sprayer that I use for years and years. I normally will pick up two sprayers and after 7 or 8 different projects I use a new sprayer. I know there are different sprayers that last a lifetime but I have loved this one and I am use to it. And you can’t beat $17.


I was able to paint all the furniture in one day. I started out with spraying all the furniture with Kilz 2 Latex Primer in a gallon and luckily it went through my sprayer totally fine. Then I gave the furniture two coats of the swiss coffee. That color is the perfect creamy white in my opinion. I love it.

Kilz and Swiss Coffee.jpg

My hardware did not come off on the nightstand and so I had to spray a little bit of spray paint onto a paint brush and then just brush it on. On the dresser in the front I took off all of the hardware and sprayed it with our favorite gold spray paint.

Gold Paint

Mal and I both love this gold spray paint. Its a great color.

I am loving my new bedroom and I cant wait to show you the rest!


  • DON’T be afraid to paint a piece a furniture.Maybe, don’t start with a family heirloom, but pick up something cheap from a thrift store first.
  • The more you paint the better you will be.
  • Don’t over think it. When I first started to paint furniture I was over thinking every single thing.You can do it! And you can always repaint something!
  • I like to use semi-gloss or satin finish for my paint.
  • Don’t paint when its really cold or hot outside
  • On high traffic pieces always to a clear coat or poly coat or wax.

If you find these tips useful then please share it! PIN IT!

Tools to use when Painting Furniture.jpg


Here are a few other Paint Tips we Here…

Pottery Barn Black Furniture Finish Tutorial -

Pottery Barn Finish


Homemade Chalk Paint


How to Spray Paint like a Pro

We have many other great tips that you can find


Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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DIY Scalloped Accent Wall

This accent wall of mine has been through a few different transformations over a short amout of time. Now, it’s this pretty and clean looking wall with painted gold scallops. The gold scallops are subtle and thats what I like so much about them. It was the opposite from the old Chervon Wall. The DIY Scalloped Accent Wall was done for less then $5.

DIY Scalloped Wall

Scalloped Wall 1

If you forgot what it looked like before and want to see the evolution, check it out HERE  IMG_04421-1024x661

Let me tell you how I changed this wall… First I painted the wall Behr Snow Fall. That alone was a big change.  Scalloped Wall Before

I used a Gold Sharpie Paint Pen. I used the normal size marker tip. I also used a steamer pot lid from one of my tamale pots I got it at Walmart. The lid worked sooooo perfect. I simply marked two lines on to the lid and thats what I used as the guide. I would draw the scallop from line to line, and because of the holes I could see the center of the scallop above. It was that easy. I bought two paint pens. I went through one and a half pens total. It only took like 2-3 hours to finish the whole wall. My wall is really really long.


Scalloped Wall During

Scalloped Wall During 3.jpg

Scalloped Wall During 2.jpg

I honestly love the wall so much!! The gold is perfect and the pattern is subtle but still makes a big impact.

Scalloped Wall 10 Scalloped Wall 9

Scalloped Wall 3

Scalloped Wall 4

Scalloped Wall 2

Scalloped Wall 1

DIY Scalloped Wall

Have you used a sharpie paint pen yet? Can you even imagine the possibilites using these sharpie paint pens. And for under $5 this is a great DIY project and it makes a big impact.

By the way have you seen Mallory’s Paint Pen Accent Wall. Check it out HERE! It is Awesome! I just really love the design, and her coral tv stand is perfection too!

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Pixelated Wall Tutorial

DIY Painterly Pixelated Wall Tutorial Painting is one of our all time favorite things to do. It can change the look of virtually anything and breathe new life into almost anything. As you probably know, we do a lot of paint projects. It’s kind of our “thing”. We just love it. This Pixelated Wall Tutorial may be one of our favorites… ever!

Today, I’m so excited to finally show you how I created this Pixelated Painterly Wall Treatment. It is pretty easy to do, but I’ll give you fair warning, it is quite time consuming.

Pixelate in Photoshop

First, I decided we wanted to do a floral image. I’m not a mural painter by any stretch so we thought it would be super fun to modernize it a bit and create a pixelated image. I ran the Mosaic filter on our floral image in Photoshop. You can do this with pretty much any image. It’s really fun!  It will also allow you to determine how large or small you want your squares during this step.

Pixelate Image in Photoshop

I counted the amount of squares on the pixelated image and divided it by the size of my wall. This meant my squares needed to be 2.5 inches. This was probably the hardest part of the project, figuring out how many squares and what size they should be. Let’s just say my mathematical brain doesn’t work as well as it used to. ;)

Process photo 1

I used a laser level and a pencil to mark off my squares. Then, it was time to paint. Oh, the paint. Time to bust out your patience. Not to discourage you, of course but this is the time consuming part. I was in a time crunch to finish but if you’re not, I would suggest breaking it up into several days so you don’t get frustrated or bored.

I bought pretty much every color of acrylic craft paint at Michaels and ended up using almost all of them. I also used a ton of white to add to various colors so it gave more of a contrast where necessary.

Process photo 2

 I hand painted, each and every square that had any color on it. I printed a copy of the pixelated image from Photoshop and taped it on the wall so I could refer to it as I went. This is where you can get creative with mixing colors. You will become a pro color mixer after this project. Seriously. When all of your squares are covered, time to add the wood!

Wooden Blocks Close up

I applied over 400 wooden blocks cut down from 1×3″ wooden boards from Home Depot to all of the white space on the wall. Since I was in a major time crunch, Savannah cut out the wood blocks (yes, in Arizona) and overnighted the box to me! That’s team work, people! ;) I used mounting tape (also from Home Depot) and those babies were not coming off without some major muscle.  The wooden blocks are lightweight so they stuck very well!  I mixed up the direction of the wood grain for some more added interest.

Wood blocks on Pixelated Wall |

That’s it! It’s pretty cool because it makes a huge impact but it’s not that difficult. As long as you have loads of patience and you’re not in too much of a hurry to get it done… like I was! Doing this project in 3 days was basically madness but it is so amazing!

DIY Painterly Pixelated Wall Tutorial

Thanks to all who voted for us to WIN the paint round of Creating with the Stars! This is one of our all time favorite projects! Hope you like it!

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DIY World Map Mural

How to paint a Chevron Wall with a pop of color

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Kitchen Updates for Under $400 and Dining Room Part 2

A while ago I shared my kitchen redo but since then we have made a few changes. When we first moved into this house I knew the kitchen needed a facelift. But we are renting and because of that we only wanted to invest a little bit of money. With a little bit of elbow grease we turned this kitchen into something we could be proud of.

The kitchen started out with red walls and yellow countertops. The cabinets were in ok shape but I wanted to lighten it up a bit. Paint makes all the difference in the world.


Here are a few more of the before pictures.

kit 4 kit 3

We had our own appliances that we moved into the space. We got a great deal from The Sears Outlet. I love them so much! We painted the cabinets white and if you need some help with a painting project here, here, here, here, and here, are a few of our tips. We thought about getting butcher block counter tops from Ikea but we ended up getting so lucky and got some countertop from a local company that we called in a favor for. If you want cheap countertops, have you seen that you can PAINT YOUR EXISTING ONES. If any of you have used it I would love to hear what you think about!

We did a few more things, Here is the break down of the cost…

This project cost break down:
Paint and supplies: $100
Subway tile and supplies for tile: $150 (we got it our local Restore Warehouse)
Counter tops: FREE!!!!  can you believe it… they were a gift, from a company that my father in law deals with for business!
Sink: $100
Labor: FREE
Curtains $30
Chalkboard Paint $10 for the little wall on the left
Total: $380
I love when a project can be be done all by ourselves!
When you stand back you can see a few more details that I also added to the kitchen space. You can see my Dining room Space for the Kitchen and the Gold Dotted wall to.
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DIY Tandem Bicycle Wall Art


DIY Tandem Bike Art |

Hi friends! Happy October!!!! YAY! I love love love Fall so I’m super excited that October is here. I’m also SUPER excited to share with you my Vintage Revivals inspired DIY Tandem Bicycle Art. It’s so easy, inexpensive, and BAM! it makes a huge impact in the room. I seriously love it and everyone who has seen it in my home has complimented it. My kids LOVE it and that’s why I do what I do! This little tandem bike has made my boys super happy and that makes mommy happy!

I was inspired by Vintage Revival’s painted tandem bicycle in Mandi’s entry way. She had an artist friend paint it for her and since I’m far from an artist and don’t have a painter friend, I had to figure this out because let’s be honest, Mandi’s is amazing and I needed it in my life!

project image onto wood board

First, I found an image online that I liked. I found a tandem bike that seats 3 since this is going in my boys’ playroom and I have 3 sons! (Still can’t believe I have 3 kids by the way! LOL!) My kids LOVED that there was a “seat” for all of them.

I bought 3 thin, precut boards from Home Depot. They’re about $9 each and I thought 3 would look good and it would cover the majority of the wall I was decorating. Perfect.

Print your image on a transparency sheet and dust off your projector. A lot of people have asked us where to get them, how much they are etc… They range big time in price but I think Sav got hers for like $25 at a thrift store and I paid $40 (+ free shipping) on eBay. If you’re a crafter/DIYer GET A PROJECTOR!!! Honestly, I have used it a billion times for such a variety of projects and I am SO glad I have it in my craft supplies.

Next, you will trace your image with a pencil.  Easy huh!?

make shadow puppets

Next, make some shadow puppets. You can skip this part if you want but it does make this project more fun. Just sayin’.

start painting your traced lines

Next up, paint! I used paint pens (purchased from Michael’s craft store) and acrylic craft paint.

use a small craft paint brush

Use a small brush like this to get little tiny strokes. It helps make it look nice and neat. Trace over your pencil markings with your paint pens and craft paint. It took me about 3 hours working on and off to paint this. Just turn on a movie and paint. It’s actually quite fun and relaxing!

Hang it up and admire!

Let your paint dry and hang up your boards! I hung them up with sawtooth picture hangers and nails. Seriously such a fun and easy project. The cool part is, it is TOTALLY custom and customizable! You can do any image, colors or whatever!  Mine is far from perfect but that’s okay.  We love it and it turned out just fine with mistakes and all!

This is going in the boys’ new playroom which I CAN’T WAIT to show you! This playroom was probably my best idea ever. My kids are in Heaven!

What do you think?! Are you ready to get a projector yet?


 Be sure to check out Savannah’s Chevron wall that she painted with her projector!

Chevron Wall Redo


I painted my chevron wall about a year ago and I loved it. But I was ready for a change. I have changed this wall three times in the last month.

It started like this…

DSC_0035 copy FOR BLOG

 Then I painted it a mint color…



Then I was going to do the stripe with gold glitter…. I used the Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive Paper

and I used cheap gold glitter from Walmart and I did not do much when I realized,

#1 it would take forever to do #2 the gold glitter was a little too much

If the zig zag would have been smaller then I would have done it. It worked perfectly.


But this is how it ended up…

I am VERY VERY happy with the navy stripe!!! I love it, and I love all the little items add to the dresser, including my lamps that I taped off and painted the bases with gold spray paint.


What do you think?! Which one is your favorite…. I really would love to know


How to paint over stripes + my hallway makeover

Today you’re gonna learn how to paint over stripes the right way! YAY! If you simply get out your roller and paint over them, you’re gonna be sorry because you’re still going to be able to see them even if you have great paint coverage! Why? Because when you taped them off and painted them, you created a teeny tiny ledge of paint that when painted over, will stick out like a sore thumb. Believe me.

Mint Hallway

What you’ll want to do is take a sheet of sandpaper or a sanding block and sand down that little ledge so the wall is smooth underneath. If you have textured walls (I don’t in this house) you will sand lightly to remove the ledge but keep most of the texture intact so you don’t have to retexture the wall. Get it?

sand stripes

Then, when your wall is perfectly smooth, you’ll wipe down the wall to remove any sanding debris and once it dries, THEN you can take your roller and paint as usual! Easy right?

sanded stripes

Don’t skip the sanding, you’ll be sorry. It should look like this ^ when you’re done!

This is how I went from my striped wall (which I still love; I was ready for a change.)

To this DIY Striped Wall.. Tada! Fresh, minty goodness!

Mint Hallway 2

What do you think about my new minty hallway!? I used Savannah’s perfect mint color but a little lighter.  (Somewhere in between Behr’s Tropical Dream and Canton Jade – find it at The Home Depot), it’s the perfect mint tone. That Savannah sure knows her stuff.

Mint Hall with Gold Mirror

This mirror is an extension of my Gallery Wall that I can’t wait to show you! Eek!! Don’t mint and gold just look like they were meant to be!? I can’t WAIT to show you my next mint and gold project! If you follow me on instagram, you already got a sneak peek! Follow us on instagram! (@classyclutter)

how to paint over stripes the right way.jpg

 What do you think friends? Are you loving mint right now?