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Kitchen Updates for Under $400 and Dining Room Part 2

A while ago I shared my kitchen redo but since then we have made a few changes. When we first moved into this house I knew the kitchen needed a facelift. But we are renting and because of that we only wanted to invest a little bit of money. With a little bit of elbow grease we turned this kitchen into something we could be proud of.

The kitchen started out with red walls and yellow countertops. The cabinets were in ok shape but I wanted to lighten it up a bit. Paint makes all the difference in the world.


Here are a few more of the before pictures.

kit 4kit 3

We had our own appliances that we moved into the space. We got a great deal from The Sears Outlet. I love them so much! We painted the cabinets white and if you need some help with a painting project here, here, here, here, and here, are a few of our tips. We thought about getting butcher block counter tops from Ikea but we ended up getting so lucky and got some countertop from a local company that we called in a favor for. If you want cheap countertops, have you seen that you can PAINT YOUR EXISTING ONES. If any of you have used it I would love to hear what you think about!

We did a few more things, Here is the break down of the cost…

This project cost break down:
Paint and supplies: $100
Subway tile and supplies for tile: $150 (we got it our local Restore Warehouse)
Counter tops: FREE!!!!  can you believe it… they were a gift, from a company that my father in law deals with for business!
Sink: $100
Labor: FREE
Curtains $30
Chalkboard Paint $10 for the little wall on the left
Total: $380
I love when a project can be be done all by ourselves!
When you stand back you can see a few more details that I also added to the kitchen space. You can see my Dining room Space for the Kitchen and the Gold Dotted wall to.
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Chevron Wall Redo


I painted my chevron wall about a year ago and I loved it. But I was ready for a change. I have changed this wall three times in the last month.

It started like this…

DSC_0035 copy FOR BLOG

 Then I painted it a mint color…



Then I was going to do the stripe with gold glitter…. I used the Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive Paper

and I used cheap gold glitter from Walmart and I did not do much when I realized,

#1 it would take forever to do #2 the gold glitter was a little too much

If the zig zag would have been smaller then I would have done it. It worked perfectly.


But this is how it ended up…

I am VERY VERY happy with the navy stripe!!! I love it, and I love all the little items add to the dresser, including my lamps that I taped off and painted the bases with gold spray paint.


What do you think?! Which one is your favorite…. I really would love to know