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  • #mallorysprescottviewhome kitchen island

    Prescott View Home Reno: DIY Kitchen Island

    Hello friends! I’m finally sharing my DIY kitchen island with you today! It’s been done for a few months but I wanted it to be perfect (which it’s not) before I shared it. LOL! If you’ve been wanting to build a DIY Kitchen Island but not sure how or think it will be too hard, it’s not! I promise ANYONE can build this. Anyone. First I taped off a general area of where I wanted it and got rough estimates and headed to the Home Depot. I got these three boxes and arranged them in the aisle. It was literally the perfect size! I wanted a lot of drawers and these three were so perfect, in stock and inexpensive! I got home and put them in place. Somehow I carried them each from my car on my own and felt like superwoman. I put 2×4″ screwed into the wooden subfloor and once it was level, I screwed the cabinet bases into the 2×4. Next, I used shims to make the boxes square. After everything was square and solid, I used…

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  • #mallorysprescottviewhome Kitchen Reveal

    Prescott View Home Reno: DIY Kitchen Remodel Reveal

    The day has finally come!! It’s reveal day for my DIY Kitchen Remodel! Guys, literally blood, sweat, frustrated tears, curse words, changed minds, tears of joy (for real!) happened during this DIY kitchen remodel. I am SO dang proud of this space, not in like a braggy way but I’m just so glad all of the crazy ideas actually worked and that it’s finally done! I legit DIYed everything except the countertops, BY MYSELF! My hubby did help with the floors and because it takes approximately 1 million years to lay flooring alone but I’m so thrilled with the outcome of our hard work! Oh! My husband and his brother (our go-to electrician!) installed my lights too! I can’t take credit for that! LOL! Before we get on with the DIY Kitchen Remodel REVEAL here’s a refresher of the “before”. Since we moved in, I wanted a new layout/new cabinets but after getting quoted $7,000-10,000 for new cabinets,  I decided to wait on them. One night, laying in bed brainstorming (happens often!) I thought of a genius idea of rearranging the existing cabinets…

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  • Prescott View Home Reno: DIY Kitchen Renovation: Part 3

    Today is part 3 of our DIY Kitchen Renovation! Holy cow, you guys! SO Much has happened since we last checked in to our DIY Kitchen Renovation pt. 2! If you’re new around here, I am doing a complete DIY Kitchen Renovation on our new home (#mallorysprescottviewhome) and the kitchen has been quite a dramatic change! Here’s the “before” from when we moved in. To get caught up check out Part 1 and Part 2! Here’s our progress report: Remove Countertops – DONE! – $50 so far to rent hammer drill from Home Depot. Rearrange cabinets – Done! – Free! Remove backsplash + repair drywall – DONE! Build Island – (around $500) done! – Tutorial coming! Install flooring ($2200-ish for main living/kitchen area) – Done! – Tutorial coming! Template, Order and install Countertops (hired out, professionally installed ($3100) – done! – Details post coming soon! Purchase barstools – done! Relocate microwave to (newly built!) pantry – removed but not reinstalled Build vent hood (Free! Had everything on hand! YAHOO!)  – done – Tutorial coming! Build cabinets to ceiling ($100 in materials) – done – Tutorial…

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  • Prescott View Home Reno: How to add legs to Ikea couches

    Ever wondered how to add legs to ikea couches? …or pretty much any couches or any furniture?  Since I bought these Ikea KIVIK sofas (mine are Isunda Gray but I’m not sure if they have that color anymore…), I wanted to add legs to them to raise them up higher. In our last house, the low height didn’t bother me but for whatever reason, they felt so bottom heavy and too low for this space. Today I’ll show you a super easy way to add legs to ikea couches! I loved the set up we had in the space but it really felt heavy and the couches felt so bulky. I found these legs on Amazon and after inspecting the bottom of the couches, I found that it’d be super easy to raise them up and make them look a bit lighter in this space. First, I removed the legs that came with the sofa. Next, we install these industrial strength furniture brackets and screwed them over the existing hole, lining up the hole where the bolt of the leg screws…

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  • Prescott View Home Reno: Living Room Makeover

    Hey friends! I’m back today to share our living room makeover with you! Yesterday I shared our fireplace remodel and since it’s directly connected to the fireplace, I thought it would be fitting to share my living room makeover today! Okaaaaay, so here is our “move in day” version of our living room. It’s incredible to me how much I loved this sofa and rug in our old house but how it totally didn’t work for me in this house! The sofas seemed too low and the rug was so not the look or color I wanted in here. Out with the old… Savannah and I painted the walls (Behr – Silver Polish, which is a suuuuuper light, almost white grey with a cool undertone) and it helped make it feel more fresh. I got this new rug (Rugs USA) and the sofas from Living Spaces and loved where it was going then… nothing. Like, it’s fine but I wasn’t feeling it. I loved the sofas but my husband hated that they were velvet. Hate is a strong word but totally appropriate…

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  • Prescott View Home Reno: Fireplace Remodel

    The renovation continues! We are chipping away at the renovation of my house (Follow along using #mallorysprescottviewhome on Instagram and Facebook!) and today we’re tackling the fireplace remodel. When we moved in, it was solid brick painted a dark brown/taupe color with a black mantel. I knew that I wanted to do a fireplace remodel since it would be a nightmare or dang near impossible to remove the layers of paint to expose the brick and I didn’t really want painted brick in this home. Right when we moved in, Savannah and I painted it white and it definitely brightened it up a bit! Once we removed the wall, I removed all of the brick using a hammer drill (starting around $50 to rent or buy from Home Depot) and it was shockingly fun! Once the brick was removed, I painted the brass pieces on the fireplace with High Heat Spray Paint.  After it was painted, I removed the metal straps that were attached to the wall and sanded down the wall to remove any debris and left over mortar from the…

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  • Prescott View Home Reno: That one time I opened a huge can of worms and removed a wall in our house

    Friends! Today, I’m going to share the single most life-changing thing we did to renovate our house. It was literally THE first thing I wanted to change when we bought our house back in June. I walked in for the first time and right away mentioned to my husband and realtor that we needed to remove that wall if we bought it. I desperately wanted an open floor plan and this home was begging to be opened up! Before we did this, I had NO idea how to remove a wall but I couldn’t wait to do it! You know when you watch Chip & Jo on #demoday and you just want to take our all your aggression on some drywall? Yep. That was me! This change would cause a huge ripple effect of changes for our home’s layout. If we remove the wall, we might as well redo the fireplace. We’ll also have to replace the flooring (already part of the plan) but if we are going to change the flooring, we have to rearrange the cabinets in the…

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  • Prescott View Home Reno: DIY Pantry Build and Reveal

    Today’s post  DIY Pantry Build is a favorite of mine for several reasons! 1. It added SO much function to our kitchen and our lives and 2. I LOVE how organized and how pretty it is! When we moved into our home this summer, there was no pantry. Whaaaat?! Not gonna fly. I knew this when we bought it, obviously and had grand plans of making my dream pantry.   My old house had the most incredible pantry and is still a favorite on the blog and on Pinterest. Side story: I met this girl the other night and she was asking about our home renovation since she is doing one too. Then, I pulled up a photo of my kitchen progress and she saw my glass jars from my previous pantry makeover and explained that she saw and saved the same jars in a pantry on Houzz. I mentioned it could’ve been my last home and she pulled up a screenshot on her phone and it was my house! What!?! So crazy! It was quite the conversation piece since we…

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  • Prescott View Home Reno: Bonus Room Makeover

    I’m so excited about today’s post! We’re gonna chat about our Bonus Room. I think people call it a “flex” room? Yeah, flex room. This room was used by the previous owners for a family/tv room! They had comfy sofas and a little desk and office space in here. I wracked my brain for how to use this space best for our family! Since I decided to frame in a pantry (more on that later) I used the space where the previous owners had their dining table… which meant, this needed to be a dining room or… part dining room. It’s awfully long to use only for a dining room and perhaps as our family grows, we will use it primarily for dining someday. For now, it’s our flex room that is our kiddos tv room + dining room. Weird right? Well, it TOTALLY works wonders for us! It was one of the reasons I fell in love with the house (the windows!!!) and the fact that it had so many possibilities! First, I removed the carpet and installed new flooring. I…

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  • Prescott View Home Reno: Tips & Tricks for keeping your laminate flooring looking great

    Hey friends! Just popping in real quick to tell you that I am in LOVE with my laminate flooring! Also to tell you that I’m guest posting over at Quick Step Style again sharing my Tips and Tricks for keeping your laminate flooring looking great! I have loved changing out my old flooring and adding in this beautiful flooring! It has lightened and brightened my home. To say changing it out was a great choice is a huge understatement! It has helped change the look of my whole home. This laminate flooring makes me so happy. The tips and tricks that I’ve learned and will be sharing have saved my life and I know they will do the same for you. These tips have been great way to keep my flooring always looking brand new and very clean! Make sure to check them all out you wont be disappointed. Don’t forget to click over to see a progress update on my office makeover and see how we turned this 3rd car garage into the office of my dreams! Check out the transformation here. Be…

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  • Prescott View Home Reno: My garage to dream office conversion!

    Hello friends! I am soooo excited to finally be sharing my office makeover process with you! When we moved into our new house, I knew that I wanted to convert our 3rd car garage into a fully functioning office. I wanted to be sure to make it NOT look like a garage anymore. I had a great idea of bolting the garage door closed (we never used it for vehicle storage anyway and there are two other entrances). We removed the tracks on the ceiling and built a partition wall to hide the old garage door. This also helped to keep the room climate controlled since we added insulation and drywall. My super talented husband also added electrical in the wall for what I have planned for this wall. The next step was flooring! We were approached by Quick•Step to complete a room makeover as part of their RoomUP Blogger Challenge and it was literally the perfect timing because I was definitely in the market for great flooring! I can’t wait to show you more so click over to Quick•Step Style…

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  • Prescott View Home Reno: DIY Wood Shutters and Front Porch Makeover

    You guys, it’s Mallory! Hi! The holidays are officially over (well, except New Years!) and it’s finally time to start blogging about home/DIY projects again! YAY! I just organized my photos and I have thousands of pictures to sort through, edit and post for you! For an update on what we’ve done to our Prescott View home, check out the posts we’ve shared so far here. Today I wanted to share my fabulous wood shutters and front porch. A few months ago, I got a wild hair and decided to paint the exterior of my home. I’m 99% sure everyone thought I had officially lost my mind taking on a huge project! The house was recently painted so it didn’t need any crazy repairs or anything. I went to Home Depot and bought some exterior paint and went to work! The house was a light tan color when we bought it. PS whenever I hear light tan, I think of Nacho Libre. haha!! Anyone else? I’m going a teeny bit out of order here since I haven’t painted the back of…

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