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  • 12 Darling Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

    My kids always love a fun room to go to bed in! These darling kids’  bedroom ideas are great for anyone that needs change in their kids room. I always try to decorate a room that goes along with my children’s interests and personality. Creating a darling bedroom will keep the kids excited to keep their room neat and clean (thats my favorite part)! Which kids’  bedroom ideas are your favorite? Black and Gold Girls Bedroom My favorite black and gold room! Gorgeous! Modern Superhero Room A fun, creative superhero room! Railroad Crossing Room This themed room is perfect for a little boy. Boho Bedroom Makeover A beautiful room. Don’t you just love that macrame behind the bed! Star Wars Kids Bedroom My little boy is obsessed with his Star Wars bedroom! Whimsical Girls Bedroom This whimsical bedroom is one of my favorites its a darling bedroom. Space Room Makeover A spaced themed room that takes you out of this world! Pink and Gold Girl’s Bedrooms A beautiful princess bedroom! Superhero Room Revamp The Superhero Room got a revamp! This room is so fun! Wedding Inspired Girls Room Those flowers are…

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  • Star Wars Kids Bedroom

    This Star Wars Kids Bedroom reveal is sponsored by American Furniture Warehouse but all the opinions are my own.   You guys!!! I am so excited to share my little boys room with you today. To say that he is obsessed with his new room is a bit of an understand. My three-year old little boy Ryder LOVES Star Wars. I wanted to give him a themed room with out it being to “cheesy” and I really think that Mallory and myself nailed it. The first thing that I bought for his new big boy room was his headboard. I wanted the headboard to be classy and timeless and when I found this headboard from American Furniture Warehouse I knew it was perfect. What I love about the headboard is that it totally gives the room a very rich and sophisticated feel to the room, especially with a themed room that was really important to me. I LOVE American Furniture Warehouse. I am lucky enough to have one about 20 mins from my house and whenever I am looking for a…

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  • 12 Toy Organization Ideas

    Toy Organization is always one of those “someday” projects. You know, the ones that you plan to do… someday, pin all the ideas and maybe even buy the bins and then… .it doesn’t happen. Yeah, I have a lot of those. Whoops! I can’t wait to add some of these organization ideas into my home! We all know how organize obsessed I am and these ideas have my wheels turning. I may or may not be knee deep in a toy organization project as we speak! Can’t wait to show you!   How to Organize a Kids Closet By Classy Clutter Tips for an Organized Backyard By One Good Thing Just Hangin’ Around By Keeping up with The Souths DIY Storage Idea! By Shanty 2 Chic Organized Playroom By Sunny Side Up DIY Under Bed Rolling Lego Storage Cart By The Happy Housie Making Use of Some Studs By Designed to Dwell Managing Toy Organization Without a Toy Room By Making Home Base 7 Tips For Organizing Toys By I Heart Naptime Simply Organized Children’s Art Supplies By Simply Organized Cheap Bath…

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  • Easy DIY Lego Table

    My kids are dead serious obsessed with Legos. I mean, most boys are. For Christmas this year, I decided to build them a Lego table. Out of sheer being in a hurry status, I did the simplest Lego table known to man and it’s been a huge hit at our house. Supplies: Ikea Lack Coffee Table (6) – 10″ Lego Base Plates Hot Glue Gun + hot glue Okay so here’s the deal. Measure to find the center of your table. Start in the center and hot glue the middle two baseplates to the center. Glue your outside pieces on and…. done! Told you, easiest project ever. I was worried about the hot glue but I was literally doing this at 2am so it was out of convenience and a month later, our table has held up great! Even if it comes up a tad, you can always hot glue it down a bit. We used the shelf that came on it and glued lego bricks to it then used it for a place to hang their minifigures. The Lego table…

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  • Halloween Costume Ideas: Girly Clown Costume

    Materials leotard 2 skeins of yarn (yellow and pink) yarn pom pom maker scissors tights or leg warmers arm bands/gloves 110 yards of tulle 1 yard of thick elastic (waistband) top hat headband sparkle pom poms (mixed colors) feather embellishments suspenders Instructions: For this this costume we started out with a basic pink ballet leotard and embellished the entire thing. First, we used our pom pom maker to make different colored pom pom balls out of yarn (2 yellow, one pink) and stitched them to the bodice of the leotard straight down the middle. Next, we started the tutu. First we measured Millie’s hips and made a circle out of the elastic for her waistband. Stitch the two ends of the elastic together to make a circle. Next, we created the tulle skirt. We used 110 yards of 8″ strips of tulle. They came on these handy rolls. It was definitely a full skirt but we could have even used more tulle. We cut the roll into 24″ strips. This length will be half the length of the skirt. So 24″ strips…

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  • Cleaning and Nesting before Baby

    I partnered with to share my tips for cleaning and nesting before the new baby comes. I am pregnant with baby number 4 and I am beyond nervous but also very excited about it. I am due next month and I have been starting to nest and get ready for this baby to join our family. Last month Mallory helped me get things organized in my kitchen and pantry and that got the ball rolling. My kitchen is the place where my family gathers the most and I am so grateful we started there. I want to share more about my kitchen overhaul later and today I wanted to talk about getting already for baby. Here is 6 tips to help get ready for baby. 1. Create a little changing station for baby. I wanted everything that the baby need to be easy to find and for everything to have a place. My girls are 5 and 6 years old and I wanted to be able to tell them where everything was at so that they could help me out…

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  • Back to School Ideas: First Day of School Printables 2015-2016

    2016 UPDATE: We now have 2016-2017 First Day of School Prints in our Etsy shop! It comes with all grade levels ready to print!  Grab yours here: First Day of School Signs. Due to extreme high demand of customizations and requests, we had to add them to our shop. Thanks for your understanding!  Hi friends! Who’s ready for school to start? MEEEEE!!!! My kids are excited too but I am really excited to be back on a schedule. Type A + Summer vaca and no structure = crazy town! I have your Back to School Free Printables for this school year again for you! I have 2 little ones in school this year and two at home so it’s going to be a big change in our house. We’re gearing up for the first day! I took some fun pictures of my boys and my nieces to document their big day! I can’t believe some kids have already started! Click the links below to download and print!  First day of Preschool First day of Pre K First day of Kindergarten First day of…

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  • Camping Games Printable

    Free Printables: Summer Camping Printables

    Hello! It’s Courtney from Paperelli. Summer is finally here! Some of my favorite summer memories growing up involved camping with the family. Do you have any camping trips planned this summer? Today I am sharing these free Summer Camping Printables. Sometimes planning for a camping trip can be hard, especially if it’s your first time. I have created a couple Summer Camping Printables to help your camping trip planning stay organized and worry free! First, the Camping Packing List. Since everyone needs different items depending on the camping location and people coming, I decided to keep these lists blank and easy to customize. Organize your packing list into general campsite items, clothing and footwear, personal items, kitchen items and other miscellaneous  items. I think the best part of camping is eating and cooking outdoors.  Meal planning for camping can be a little bit harder, because you’re away from your oven, microwave, and maybe even electricity. Hopefully you find these Camping Meal Planning Printables helpful while planning for your camping trips this summer!   Are you bringing kids along on your camping trip this summer?…

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  • DIY Nursery String Art

    Good morning, everyone… it’s Charlotte from Ciburbanity! I’ve missed you! Two weeks ago, we moved into a “forever” house around the corner which means a lot of things, but… right now, it means I can actually start putting together our new nursery! Believe it or not, this will be the first nursery I’ve ever *really* designed. The first three kids were born in New York City and we were renting, and then sweet Louisa was moved into the brand new guest room… so technically a newly designed space, but not for a baby. Hopefully I’ll get the space ready in time, but today I at least have a fun piece of artwork for the room to share with you! Have you ever dabbled in string art? I love it… if you google it, you’ll find examples of it everywhere and it’s such a fun textural way to bring in some dimension and color and whimsy to your space. Also? It’s cheap and easy… my favorite type of craft! Materials? An old board, brad nails, and string/ yarn. That’s it! Start…

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  • Last Day of School Free Printables

      **UPDATE** All downloads should be working properly now! Thanks for your patience!!! Hey guys! Due to popular demand, I’ve got this years Last Day of School Free Printables for you! I know a few places have already finished school, lucky ducks but several places still have a few days, weeks or even over a month left! First, download your appropriate grade(s) or if you have a few kiddos and want to capture one good picture, download the Last Day of School printable. This has the year but no grade or school level so it’s perfect for a shot of all of your kids, neighbor kids, bus stop or even the whole class! Click on the link below of the one you want to download and save it to your desktop. Open the image (I use Preview) and click Print. Next, print your image on smooth cardstock if possible. Last year, I mounted it on red construction paper to jazz it up a bit. Tip: I used the “Print Entire Image” preset and this worked great. Just trim the white edges…

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  • First Day of School Free Printable Signs -

    First Day of School Free Printable Signs

    UPDATE: We now have 2016-2017 First Day of School Prints in our Etsy shop! It comes with all grade levels ready to print!  Grab yours here: First Day of School Signs Last year, these First Day of School Free printable signs were a huge hit and I have had a ton of requests for the new school year version! Welcome the 2014-2015 school year and snap a picture of your kid(s) on their first day! I am excited to add a few new ones this year like “First day of Junior High”, “First day of High School” (if your high schoolers will still let you snap a picture of them on their first day!) and “First day of School!” for families to get a picture together with all of the kiddos. Download the printables by clicking the appropriate link for the grade level you need below. First Day of School First day of Preschool First day of Pre-K First Day of Kindergarten First Day of 1st Grade First Day of 2nd Grade First Day of 3rd Grade First Day of 4th…

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  • 100+ Summer Activities for Kids

    I don’t know about you but I am only a week into summer and I have already heard “I am Bored” at least 50 times. I am already so tired of it! This being the case I have collected these awesome ideas to help with the keeping your kids busy this summer. I love all of these ideas because all different and pretty easy to do with kids. And I mean with 101 different ideas you are bound to find some that your kids will enjoy. 1.  Homemade Gak! I love this stuff! 2. Bake Cookies 3.  Do puzzles 4. Play board games 5.Gooey Monster Cookies 6. Fruity Pebbles Popsicles 7. Color 8. Make and send homemade cards to family 9.  Do watercolor paintings 10. Painter’s tape spider web  11. Write a pen-pal letter 12. Use tape and make a hopscotch court 13. Makes Deviled Egg Boats 14. Have a play date 15. Have a “camp out” in the living room 16. Mess free finger painting –  My kids loved this one! 17. Go to a children’s museum 18.  Play legos 19.  Build…

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