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  • holiday-front-door-makeover-www-classyclutter-net

    Holiday Front Door Makeover and easy updates for your home!

    Hello dear friends! We are so excited that the holidays are finally here! Have I mentioned that? 😉 We are traveling and also hosting family this year and I’m so excited to share our front door makeover with you. We’ve partnered with Schlage to create a beautiful and secure front entry for our home. Our front door was fine but nothing special. It was just simple white with a simple handle. I wanted to create a new, beautiful inviting entry with personality. I recently painted my home’s exterior so I really wanted a fun punch of color and blush pink and navy is my favorite color combo right now. I remembered I had blush pink in my favorite Christmas wreath so I chose blush pink for the door color. (Door color: Behr Everythings Rosy). While we were doing some updating, I really wanted a secure lock that also had some personality. I chose this Schlage Touch™ Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt with Century trim paired with Century Handleset and Latitude Lever with Century trim I love the Latitude Lever and chose to use those throughout my home…

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  • fall-mantle

    DIY Fall Mantle Decor

    I am excited to share this year’s fall mantle with all of you. This year with my mantle I wanted a very clean and classic look with all the colors of fall. I had a hard time finding exactly what I wanted so I knew that I needed to DIY a few things to get the look I was going for. I found some fall leaves and branches but I could not find a vase that I liked to go with the branches. Here is where the DIY comes in, I found a few plain glass vases and using some Krylon® Spray Paint I totally transformed them. I started by using the Krylon® Shimmer Metallic Candy Corn  spray paint and sprayed the top half of the vase. Always be sure to read product label for proper application and safety instructions. This Shimmer Metallic spray has the perfect amount of shimmer to it. It adds a bit more movement and dimension then just plain orange spray paint. After the top of the vase was dry I taped off the top half of the vase. I…

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  • photo-13-after-5

    DIY Pixelated Cactus Artwork

    Hi friends! We are so excited to finally be sharing this funky cactus art with you today! This technique that we’re going to teach you is totally customizable and can be made into virtually any shape using any colors! We’re Arizona girls so we loved the idea of a trendy cactus, with pink flowers, of course. Materials Needed: 3×4 sheet of thin plywood, your choice! 1×2 boards for trim (optional) Carpenter’s square ScotchBlue Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape Putty knife Pencil Foam paintbrushes Utility Knife Acrylic Paints Note: Follow all ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesion and removal. Step 1: Trace a grid of approximately 1” squares on your plywood. We left about a 6” border around the perimeter. Don’t overthink the measurements. This is really flexible.  Step 2: Trace a rough sketch of your cactus shape. Step 3:We recommend sealing the plywood with clear polyurethane before applying tape. Once your poly is dry, tape your traced cactus shape and seal using ScotchBlue Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape around your cactus shape. You will tape off any square that…

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  • pendant-lights-for-island

    DIY Kitchen Renovation – Part 2: Progress

    Hi friends! We’ve made some major progress in our budget friendly kitchen renovation! Don’t forget to check out Part 1 of the kitchen reno here. I have removed most of the countertops to allow me to rearrange our existing cabinetry which saved me upwards of $8,000 by keeping our existing cabinets, instead of replacing them. I hoped that I could remove the countertops and salvage them but when you removed countertops, you never know what shape the boxes of the cabinets are going to be in. One day I rented a hammer drill from Home Depot (about $50) to remove the granite tile countertops. I was able to remove the granite tiles from the plywood that sits on top of the cabinets pretty easily. Make sure you wear gloves and eye protection if you take on this task. It can get messy! I just removed the tile off of the peninsula so I could access the cabinets below. I removed the the tile, a thick layer of mortar and the plywood. Okay now I hope I can explain this part…

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  • Garage Makeover Reveal

    How to paint a Garage Floor and Garage Makeover Reveal

    Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by today! We’re sooooo excited to share the rest of the garage makeover with you today! I’m going to start by saying that I am in LOVE with how it turned out. I’ve had so many friends and neighbors stop by and compliment it and want to peek inside. It’s so clean and functional and it just makes me so proud of our hard work. Today we’re sharing a tutorial on painting the floor in a classic, beautiful Greek key pattern. Let’s get started! Materials Needed: Power Washer Broom ScotchBlue Exterior Surfaces Painter’s Tape Note: Follow all ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesion and removal. Carpenter’s square Carpenter’s knife Putty knife or 5-in-1 tool Garage floor paint Lint-free paint roller Paint Roller extension pole Step 1: First, clean and prepare your floor. Make sure your door is clear of any old paint, grease, oils, dust, lint, dirt, wax etc.  Use a power washer to remove any and all debris from the cement and allow to dry for 24-48 hours…

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  • garage-makeover-garage-door

    Garage Makeover Progress and Getting Organized

    When you’re tackling a home renovation, the garage becomes Grand Central Station and you spend a LOT of time working in it. We found ourselves constantly going in and out of the garage making cuts with various saws, grabbing supplies, recharging tools and everything you could imagine. We decided to tackle the garage makeover first so we could organize our tools and DIY supplies so we weren’t digging through boxes throughout months of renovation. Here’s what it looked like when we moved in, sans 1 million boxes that got loaded into the house. Oh boy! See, chaos. I needed a way to organize all of my stuff and have the garage function. There were several random cabinets on a couple walls in the garage so I rearranged them onto one wall so it made more sense. I painted them white so it felt brighter and a little more updated. I created a little desk area and used a sheet of melamine on top to create a table top. I installed a peg board to hang tape and tools and put shelving by…

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  • kitchen-inspiration

    DIY Kitchen Renovation – Part 1: The Plan

    Hello dear friends! I’m so glad you’re here! It’s always fun to share ideas and plans with friends when they’re actually interested in renovation / your house! 😉 I’m assuming you are, you know, since you’re here on our blog. haha! I’m super excited to get into the details of our budget friendly kitchen renovation with you. Yes, budget friendly. We are doing ALMOST all the work ourselves and completely overhauling this little kitchen. We were insanely lucky to find a house that had a cute, “livable” kitchen so we could enjoy cooking and enjoy being in the heart of our home before the renovations started. A lot of houses we looked at did NOT have a “livable” kitchen. We’re lucky ours was and it was done really well! The biggest reason for renovating it was to rearrange the layout to utilize a LOT of wasted space next to our kitchen and open it up since we removed a wall (!!!!). The previous owners had their kitchen table against the bench and a few chairs so it totally had a…

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  • diy-brush-stroke-wall-tutorial-www-classyclutter-net

    DIY Brush Stroke Wall & Dining Room Makeover

    Hey friends! Today I’m excited to share another room in my new house! Over the weekend, I worked on this little dining room and added some finishing touches to the room! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. The wall with the window and door (that leads to our backyard) was white and a bit boring but I knew I could jazz it up and make a faux wallpaper with DecoArt’s new METALLICS paint from the Americana Decor Line! I am SO in love with this metallic paint! The entire project cost less than $10 and took less than an hour to complete! Amazing right? Materials: DecoArt Americana Decor METALLICS paint in Champagne Gold Craft Brush(es) Scrap piece of wood or paper Blank wall I found this pattern inspiration on Pinterest by searching Brush Stroke Pattern and loved the cross hashes and how perfectly imperfect it is. Isn’t it fun! I actually love it in navy but we all know, gold is my jam so I went with Champagne Gold from DecoArt. Pattern by Minakani for Otto d’Ame via Pinterest…

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  • DIY Drink Cooler

    DIY Drink Cooler – Perfect for a Tailgating Party!

    I spent most of my childhood at the baseball fields and at many football games. I am the oldest of six kids. I have two brothers and both of them where very big into sports. My uncle Brian played in the Major League in baseball and my brother Stetson, who is just 18 months younger than me, was all around MVP at our high school for baseball and football. He was later drafted by the Dodgers and he played in the minor league until he got injured and decided to stay at home after his first child was born. So when I say my childhood was spent going to many sports events I was not kidding. Tailgating and sports go hand and hand. When I think about tailgating I think about hanging out, hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cold sodas. I found a brown cooler with black legs on wheels and I knew I wanted it for sports events and to also use at other parties too. I did not love the color but I knew that would be an…

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