Do It Herself (DIH) Workshop and You’re Invited!

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DIY Paver Planter Tutorial

Well hello, friends! Question for you; how do you feel about power tools? Comfortable? Scared? Pro? Let’s hear it. No matter where you’re at skill-wise with power tools, building and DIYing, we want you to know that you can do it! You are capable! We’ve teamed up with The Home Depot and invite you to come build this awesome Paver Planter at your local Home Depot store.

Have you heard of a DIH workshop? The 3rd Thursday of every month, Home Depot hosts a DIH (Do It Herself) workshop that will help you to grab the skills and confidence you need to create some really amazing projects from simple builds, Home Decor projects and even Home Improvement Projects. You’ll work along side other women and professionals to help you every step of the way! How awesome is that? Excited yet?

This month’s project is this super fun, super cute Paver Planter. I’ll give you the run down here but you can grab some girlfriends and build one together at The Home Depot. You can register here.

Let’s get started!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.43.08 PM

First, you’ll need to cut your 2x2s. I had the guys at The Home Depot do this for me. They’re always super helpful if you are not comfortable using a saw or if you don’t own one. You’ll need (4) 16″ pieces and (8) 12″ pieces. After you’re done cutting, sand any rough edges using your sanding block.


Apply a stain and polyurethane to your wooden pieces. I like to wear disposable gloves because stain can really stain your hands. Go figure. ;) TIP: If you do get stain on your hands, scrub your hands with some vegetable oil and a pinch of sugar and it rinses right off. I used Minwax Jacobean for this project. It’s my current favorite stain color. I love how rich it is.


For the next step, grab your 3″ deck screws. The ones I purchased from The Home Depot do not require pre-drilling. Drill and countersink the 2×2 pieces together, with the 16 ̋ pieces forming the legs, and the 12 forming the support between the legs. Apply some wood glue, and then screw in the 12 ̋support pieces in 12 ̋ down the legs. Make sure to allow for the pavers to be flush around the entire top. I held my paver into place to make sure if fit snugly before gluing and drilling.

Inside Supports

Next, grab your remaining four 12 inch 2x2s, drill, apply some wood glue, and space them evenly across the bottom and screw them into the frame. One of mine got a little crooked when I drilled it in but no worries, no one will see the supports.

build and bungee

Finally, run a thick bead of construction adhesive around the inside perimeter of the frame. Carefully place each paver inside the frame then secure with bungee cords until the adhesive dries.

Planter 3

Optional: I wanted to spruce mine up a bit and since our house numbers on our home are difficult to see, I thought it’d be fun to add them to the planter that sits next to my front door. I used the same construction adhesive and glued address numbers to the paver on the bottom right. You can really get creative here!

DIY Paver Planter 4

Last step, line your planter with landscape fabric and potting soil then add your plants. I chose these beautiful pink hydrangeas I found at The Home Depot. You all know I love a pop of pink and these were perfect for springtime.

Planter 1

That’s it! I’m ready to build a second one for the other side of my front door! They’re so welcoming!

DIY Paver Planter 2

Planter 4

Alright friends, time to round up some gal pals and get ready to make your own on Thursday, April 16, 2015 from 6:30 – 8pm at your local Home Depot store. You have to register beforehand so you can do that here >> REGISTER HERE!

Planter 2

When you go, we’d love to see you! Tag @classyclutter and add the hashtag #DIHWorkshop so we can see your handy work!  Mark your calendars and don’t forget to register HERE first. Have a blast!


Master Bedroom with Crane and Canopy

I am so excited to show you a few changes that I made to my master bedroom. The biggest change was my bedding. I am obsessed with my new bedding from Crane and Canopy. This bedding is one of the most comfortable bedding that I have ever had. This bedding is called the Cortland Grey Duvet. It’s made up of 100% cotton sateen and it is 300 thread count and it the best thing about it is that its machine washable. My last set of bedding was dry clean only and it was a nightmare. Better yet this bedding is very affordable. 051

I love the texture of this bedding and it’s still really soft. 071

The Color of this bedding is such perfect grey which is very hard to come by. 061

If you don’t remember my bed and night stands were once dark brown almost black and I repainted them. Check out the post HERE 070

I also added this cute clock from Home Goods on my husband side of the bed. You can find the wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct here. I got it at a local shop in Phoenix but it is available online. 055



The pillows are all from Home Goods. The the big white ones with the poms poms around it makes my heart oh so happy. 063


I have loved this sign since the moment I saw it on HGTV Fixer Upper. This is such a great show and Joanna Gaines from the show has an online shop called Magnolia Market. I do love this shop and everything in it. I have purchased a few things from her shop. Her stuff is affordable and adds a great impact. 060 I am loving my master bedroom with its few changes. It all seems to be a bit more complete and has a calm and clean feel to it all. Check out Crane and Canopy they has such beautiful bedding for all styles with such a great price tag.

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DIY Paintbrush Statement Art

DIY Paintbrush Statement Art

This DIY Paintbrush Statement Art has us written all over it. We LOVE color and we LOVE to paint so this super fun hanging art was a really fun and simple project! It’s perfect for any craft studio! We love the movement and touch of whimsy it adds.

This project is pretty simple and while it may not be for everybody, it’s really cool and you can get creative and hang different objects the same way, not just paintbrushes!

Materials: (*affiliate links)

DIY Paintbrush art 1

First, tape off the wooden handle of your paint brush.

DIY Paintbrush art 2

Paint the wooden handle and the ends of your bristles. Latex paint takes longer to dry but works great. We used some latex and some acrylic, just whatever colors we liked in our stash.

Hang the paintbrushes

Last, (sorry we forgot to get a photo of this part) thread your fishing line through the hole at the end of the brush. We did a giant loop and strung them at different lengths to create the angle. You could do them all evenly or mismatched or create the angle like we did.

Colorful paintbrush art

Kinda crazy, really fun and unique, don’t you think?

DIY Paintbrush Statement Art - Click for tutorial

In our craft studio reveal, some people though the paintbrushes were painted on the curtain, I love that idea too!

Classy Clutter Craft Studio

If you missed it, check out the full studio reveal here, and the DIY INSPIRE Sequins Wall Art here. What do you think?!

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DIY Sequins Wall Art

DIY Sequins Wall Art

Wooweee! Can you say sparkly?! We recently did a crazy ONE DAY makeover on our Craft Studio in Savannah’s house (for the time being) and we have got some crazy awesome tutorials for you guys then we’ll show you the full reveal! It’s just so “us” I can’t even stand it. First up, this DIY Sequins Wall Art sign! With over 2000 sequins that we pinned on by hand, this baby is a showstopper! It is a little time consuming (maybe 3-4 hours) but SO worth it and surprisingly easy!

Materials: (*affiliate links)

  • R-tech Foam Insulating Sheathing (say what?) It’s basically rigid insulation from The Home Depot. Check it out here. It was $12 for a 4×8 sheet.
  • Gold Spray Paint* (Wouldn’t be a Classy Clutter project without it!)
  • Approximately 1200(ish) (40mm) Gold Sequins. We got ours from Hobby Lobby (here). Each pack had about 50 sequins and we had 20-something packs. It was super hard to keep an accurate count but you need 50-60 per square foot, depending on how close together you place them.
  • Sequins Pins (1250 or so) We got these from Hobby Lobby (here) too.
  • Serrated knife and/or box knife
  • Letters for whatever word you choose for the center. We picked INPSIRE because that is our number one goal with Classy Clutter… to inspire someone, somewhere. It seemed fitting for our office space.
  • 3M Mounting tape – available here.*

sequins and pins


First, cut your foam sheathing to size. Measured our desk and opted to make it a tad smaller so it would sit centered over the desk. Then we cut out the rectangle on the inside to fit the INSPIRE letters. The size for the cut out will depend on your word choice.

Next, spray paint your board and letters using RustOleum gold metallic spray paint (our fave!) Allow to dry. Sorry we didn’t get pics of cutting and spray painting. We did this project in the middle of the night. Lay Sequins Out

Next, lay your sequins out to figure out spacing. You can do it in a grid-like pattern or place them offset (like we did). Once it’s all said and done, it all kind of looks the same because the sequins pick up so much light you can’t really tell.

Pin Sequins to board

Use the pins and pin the sequins to the foam board. This is the part where you grab a helper and crank up Taylor Swift and get busy. It is pretty time consuming but it goes by fast since it’s so easy and monotonous.

Sequins up close


When you’re done,  use a level (or your phone with the level app) to mark where it should go with a pencil. Then, use 3M extreme mounting tape (the heavy duty kind!) and hang it on the wall. Once the sequins frame part is in place, hang the letters. Start with the center letter and work out so the whole word stays center. We used black vinyl to cover edges of the foam but you could even use duct tape or leave it alone. Then, tada!!! You’re done!

Classy Clutter Office This would be SO cool in a girl’s room, bathroom, dressing room, for parties etc! We love it in our office and can’t wait to show you the rest of the studio space!

DIY Sequins Statement Art

If you like a bold feature wall, check out these awesome walls that are all renter friendly! High fives!


Bedroom Makeover 1

DIY Wood Scalloped Wall

Pixelated Wall Tutorial

DIY Planked Fireplace

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DIY Nesting Coffee Tables – Ikea Hack

Coffee Table 2

Hi friends! I’m super excited to share with you this super easy, total overhaul of these nesting coffee tables. It was so easy, just spray paint and bam! In just 3 easy steps, you can take these cute little tables from looking like a run of the mill, boring coffee table to a total glam showstopper! Let’s do this!

Supplies: (Click affiliate links to purchase items for this project)

Vittsjo Nesting Tables

Gold Spray Paint

White Spray Paint

I ordered my Ikea tables because my closest Ikea is about an hour and a half away and let’s face it, I did not wanna load up my 4 kiddos for a road trip when Ikea or Amazon will deliver it right to my door. Yep, you can get it on Amazon people!

Coffee Tables assembled

I got it home and assembled it. Ikea is notorious for ridiculous assembly sessions but this was a breeze. For reals. Next,I took my absolute favorite spray paint on the planet and sprayed the whole thing with a few even coats. Make sure to spray lightly and let it dry thoroughly in between each coat. It will be worth the wait, annoying as it is to wait, I promise.

Rustoleum Gold

Now, I totally could’ve left it like this. Gorgeous right? BUT it looked a little dark for me. I knew I wanted something lighter on the bottom. I toyed with the idea of stenciling, wood grain contact paper, replacing it with a mirror, etc but ultimately decided I wanted white. Thanks to Savannah for helping me via FaceTime. We design best that way. ;)

Coffee Table Painted

I used Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2x in White Satin on the bottom piece. I probably should’ve used a primer because it took a few more coats than I would have liked but ended up working just fine. Then, I let the whole thing dry and that was it!  Seriously, so easy!!! I think it looks way more expensive and stylish!

Coffee Table 2

Coffee Table + Living Room

If you liked this, check out my whole living room reveal here

Living Room Makeover 5

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How to make a chalkboard wall

How to paint a giant chalkboard wall

One of my boys’ requests when we redecorated their room was a chalkboard. We thought it would be super fun to do a giant one. Our walls are not overly textured (luckily!) but there are definitely a few steps you need to take if you are going to paint your walls into a chalkboard.

Prep Wall



Spackling Paste (if you need to fill nail holes or minor imperfections)

Painter’s Tape (not pictured)

Chalkboard Paint

Paint stir stick

Paint can opener or flat head screwdriver

Smooth paint roller

Mallet (optional – I use this to close my paint cans after use)

Paint Wall


  1. Use spackling paste to fill any nail holes or imperfections in your wall.
  2. Sand the entire wall smooth. If you have textured walls, you’re going to want to make it as smooth as possible so you can actually write on it when you’re done without it being bumpy. No one wants that.
  3. Tape the edges of your wall, including trim or anywhere you don’t want paint, obviously.
  4. Using your paint roller, apply a thin coat of the chalkboard paint and let dry throughly.  It dries pretty quickly but make sure it is totally dry before you go adding the 2nd coat. Next, apply a second coat of chalkboard paint and make sure the wall is completely black.
  5. Prime the wall. Not with primer. When the wall is 100% dry (check your paint can for details – some brands of paint recommend days or weeks before applying chalk), you will want to prime the wall with chalk. Using the side of a piece of regular white chalk, cover your entire chalkboard with chalk.
  6. Erase the entire wall and you’re done! Now you and your little ones can doodle to your hearts content.

DIY Chalkboard Wall

See the full Superhero Room Reveal here.

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Our Favorite DIYs

Today I am so excited because I am in Cleveland for the #DIHWorkshop at Home Depot! Since I will be there today I wanted to share with you some of our favorite projects/DIY that we could not have done without Home Depot!

Diy Favorites Colorful-Master-Bedroom

Colorful Master Bedroom


DIY Fur Ottoman


Pixelated Wall Treatment


Black and White Playroom with DIY Valance


Hanging Macrame Chair instagram-wall-tutorial

Instagram Photo Wall


DIY Canning Organizer

Boys Room_13

Airplane Valance


Scalloped Sharpie Wall


Laundry Room Redo

Do you have a favorite project of yours? If so, I would love to hear about it!

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DIH Workshop with Home Depot – Rolling Beverage Cart

DIH Rolling Beverage Cart 2

We are SOOO excited to announce (if you didn’t see on Instagram already) that we are teaming up with Home Depot and will be helping to teach you how to build this adorable Rolling Beverage Cart at Home Depot’s Do It Herself workshop! Home Depot wants to encourage women of all skill levels to get their DIY on!

Join Savannah at the Home Depot in Cleveland to learn how to build this super cute cart! It is for builders of all skill levels!

  • When: August 21st, 2014
  • Where: Cleveland, Ohio (Store #3817)
  • Time: 6:30 pm

You MUST pre-register HERE if you’d like to attend (and we REALLY hope you do!!)

Savannah will be running the show with The Home Depot while Mallory may or may not be having a baby! So sad we can’t both be there!

DIH Rolling Beverage Cart 4


DIH Rolling Beverage Cart 5


DIH Rolling Beverage Cart

If you’re not near Cleveland, join our other bloggy friends!

Ana White | Midtown Atlanta, GA
Shanty 2 Chic
 | San Antonio, TX
All Things Thrifty  | Salt Lake City, UT
Live Laugh Rowe | Edwardsville, IL
Dukes and Duchesses | Fort Worth, TX

Too Much Time on My Hands | Brighton, CO

Also, don’t forget to join the live #DIHWorkshop Twitter party this Thursday, August 14 from 8 to 9 pm with host, Crissy Page!

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This post was sponsored by The Home Depot. All opinions and ideas are 100% my own.

DIY Faux Fur Ottoman Tutorial

DIY Faux Fur Ottoman - www.classyclutter

When I saw these DIY Ottoman cubes from Shanty 2 Chic, I knew I needed some ASAP!  I have been wanting an ottoman for this little area for a while now. I wanted a Moroccan pouf but they’re not exactly budget friendly. The cheapest I’ve seen is $100+.


Full building plans can be found HERE

I used the above building plans from Shanty2Chic and Ana-White to build it. I wanted to use of some of the wood I had on hand so I reused wood from a few other projects to build this. No one was going to see it anyway! I saved myself a few bucks in the process.

DIY Ottoman - Wood Frame

Next, I used foam core to cover the entire frame. I used my staple gun to attach the foam to the wood frame.

DIY Ottoman - Foam to frame

Here it is all covered up. See, you’d never know I used navy blue wood pieces for half of it! ;)

DIY Ottoman - Foam Core

I sprayed the wooden legs gold just in case someone saw them but you really can’t see it now that it is covered in fur. When in doubt, spray it gold.

DIY Ottoman - Wood Legs

DIY Ottoman - Trace Foam Cushion

Next, I used 2″ foam for the top of the ottoman to make it comfy if it gets sat on, and it will.


I used 5 Tejn Faux sheepskin rugs from Ikea to cover it. I forgot to get a photo of this step but I took the 5 rugs and cut out the squares I needed out of them. (You can follow this tutorial if you want!) I sewed them together to construct a big fuzzy furry box of fabric. I may or may not have broken 3 needles in the process and ended up hand sewing the last panel. Whatever works!

DIY Ottoman - Fur

DIY Faux Fur Ottoman 3

I am head over heels in love with it and I think I’m so excited to be able to prop of my feet to write future blog posts! What do you think!? Don’t you just wanna toss your feet up there!? It is SOOO comfortable and it’s so fluffy I can’t even stand it!

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How to make and upholster a chair cushion

How to make an upholstered chair cushion

Almost a year ago, I found these amazing chairs on the side of the road. What!!?? I know. Someone couldn’t see past the yucky fabric and lack of seat cushion on the other two. Okay, I’ll give them that but seriously, these chairs are amazing and have incredible potential. I was immediately drawn to the detail on the back. The one in the center had a little more damage than I wanted to deal with so it ended up back on the curb but the one on the right and the one on the left were money!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.15.37 AM

When Savannah and I competed in Creating with the Stars, I was in charge of the “paint” round and created the infamous Painterly Pixelated Wall that won us 1st place that round! When I thought about staging the wall, I wanted some bright fun furniture and funky accessories. My wheels started turning and I remembered this awesome (lonely in the basement) arm chair that needed a fun makeover so I’m going to teach you how to upholster a chair cushion!

I immediately got it outside (at 11pm mind you) and spray painted it gold. Next, if you remember, there’s no seat! Whoopsies! I went to my wood stash and I had this piece that was almost a perfect fit.

Once I got it screwed in, it was nice and sturdy so I didn’t mind that it wasn’t the exact shape of the chair’s frame.

Add wood to chair frame

Next, I had this left over piece of foam so I cut it to size. Have you ever tried to cut this stuff??? You’re supposed to use an electric carving knife, Thanksgiving style, but I don’t have one so it was a good ole serrated knife and some major sawing for me. Pardon the scraggly edges.Don’t worry, know one will ever know.

Cut foam to size

Next up, batting. You’ll need to cover your wood base and foam with batting. You only need enough to cover your square and wrap around the foam.

staple batting

Staple that batting on and check to make sure if fits on your chair frame. It should fit snuggly after being all wrapped up in foam and batting.

Fit cushion to chair frame

Next, repeat the batting step with your fabric. I got the cute ikat polka dot in pink and white from Hobby Lobby and I think it is absolutely perfect! Next, attach the new upholstered cushion using some long screws and tada! Done!

Floral Pixelated Wall 2

Isn’t it so cute! I really love this space and I’m sad I can’t keep it forever since I don’t have a daughter! I’ve since used all the furniture and accessories in other areas of my house. The cute chair now lives in my craft room at my sewing desk and she likes it there. ;)

How to make an upholstered chair cushion -

 Now, don’t be afraid to pick up roadside, yard sale, or thrift store finds that need a little TLC! Totally worth it, right!?

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