DIY Scalloped Table Runner

Do you remember the sneak peek that we showed you of the amazing Merry and Bright Holiday Party. I have every detail that I am waiting to share with you but for now I wanted to start with the amazing table runner. Table Runners are a great way to dress up any table. And these table runners are so easy and super cute. The cost of these table runners are pretty affordable as well. I got the cute fabric at Walmart of all things. I also used the Heat and Bond iron-on interfacing in medium weight. The reason why I used this was so that the fabric would be a bit stiffer, and so the edges would not fray and it makes it so much easier to cut when the interfacing is on the fabric.

This is what I did… First cut the interfacing in half… The “hot dog” way.  Since I did not need the interfacing on all of the fabric, cutting it allowing the interfacing to go farther.

DIY Scalloped Table Runner

IMG_5046 edited

Then I ironed the interfacing on.

IMG_5047 edited

Then using a cup I traced the scallops onto the interfacing because it was much easier to see.

IMG_5041 edited

Then I simply cut out the scallops. It was that easy!

IMG_5043 edited

I wanted to do something a bit different with the table runner. They turned out super cute and I wanted to make sure that you could see them at the table. Instead of going to normal way a table runner would go, I did three table runners and had them go the other direction. You can see from the picture below that they turned out super cute! Now I want all table runners to go these direction.

IMG_2882original I am also really loving the gold plate with the clear dots and tomorrow I will be sharing more details about those. Stayed turned!

DIY Scalloped Table Runner

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