DIY Scalloped Accent Wall

This accent wall of mine has been through a few different transformations over a short amout of time. Now, it’s this pretty and clean looking wall with painted gold scallops. The gold scallops are subtle and thats what I like so much about them. It was the opposite from the old Chervon Wall. The DIY Scalloped Accent Wall was done for less then $5.

DIY Scalloped Wall

Scalloped Wall 1

If you forgot what it looked like before and want to see the evolution, check it out HERE IMG_04421-1024x661

Let me tell you how I changed this wall… First I painted the wall Behr Snow Fall. That alone was a big change. Scalloped Wall Before

I used a Gold Sharpie Paint Pen. I used the normal size marker tip. I also used a steamer pot lid from one of my tamale pots I got it at Walmart. The lid worked sooooo perfect. I simply marked two lines on to the lid and thats what I used as the guide. I would draw the scallop from line to line, and because of the holes I could see the center of the scallop above. It was that easy. I bought two paint pens. I went through one and a half pens total. It only took like 2-3 hours to finish the whole wall. My wall is really really long.


Scalloped Wall During

Scalloped Wall During 3.jpg

Scalloped Wall During 2.jpg

I honestly love the wall so much!! The gold is perfect and the pattern is subtle but still makes a big impact.

Scalloped Wall 10Scalloped Wall 9

Scalloped Wall 3

Scalloped Wall 4

Scalloped Wall 2

Scalloped Wall 1

DIY Scalloped Wall

Have you used a sharpie paint pen yet? Can you even imagine the possibilites using these sharpie paint pens. And for under $5 this is a great DIY project and it makes a big impact.

By the way have you seen Mallory’s Paint Pen Accent Wall. Check it out HERE! It is Awesome! I just really love the design, and her coral tv stand is perfection too!

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  1. Erin Ellis says

    That looks fabulous! Honestly I would never think that scallops on a wall would be for me, but I love it!

  2. Meagan says

    Love it! I have been looking for a simple stencil to do in my master bedroom & this is perfect! How did you do the top?

  3. says

    Ok, I totally love this! I love that it was so inexpensive, and that you just used the steamer pot lid. Who would have thought! :) The wall looks beautiful, and I agree, it is a subtle, but makes a big impact. SO pretty! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and link up to The Creative Exchange!
    Amy | The Happy Scraps recently posted…The Creative Exchange Link Party #1My Profile

  4. says

    okay—absolutely love this!!! ever since I saw mandi and her sharpie wall I am completely obsessed and will be “sharpie wallpapering” one of my walls. LOVE the scallop design. genius!

  5. says

    Um, this is amazing! I am always so intimidated by stencils and I live the simplicity of it yet the big impact. I might have to do this in my daughters room!

  6. Jennifer says

    SO beautiful, simple, and perfect in every way!!!
    Can you please tell me the measurements on your lid? And where did you start on the wall? Top right side? TIA.


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