Honeywell’s Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Giveaway

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I recently got this Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control and I am OBSESSED! Who would have thought that I would love a thermostat this much?! But, you guys, this is awesome. 


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First, it has voice activated recognition and control, which I love. The Voice activated recognition and control allows the temperature setting to be adjusted in the home by talking to the thermostat and its touch screen. The Smart Response Thermostat learns your heating and cooling cycle times to deliver the right temperature, right when you want it. I told it to turn the temperature up and it recognized my voice, no problem! It listens better than my kids! *winks*

IMG_1357My husband installed it and it was very easy to install. It did not take much time at all and it has a very simple on screen set up. It also has a customizable color touchscreen, you can easily change the high-definition display to any color you chooseIts very customizable with the different colors of backgrounds. I love anything touchscreen, it just makes life easier.

This thermostat even has an app! Which means I can be laying in my bed at night and I can control the temperature in my home. I can even control it when I am away from my house. Well, that means my husband can control the temperature when he is away.  He always thinks I have the temperature too low during the summer so now he can crank it back up to where he thinks it’s “comfortable”. haha!


 The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control was named Best New Product of 2013

It definitely deserves that title because it truly is a great product! I really have loved this thermostat so far and I like I said my husband loves it even more which is always a win. This is our new favorite gadget in our home and we have found ourselves talking to many people about this great product. 

The Thermostat can be purchased at Home Depot, and Best Buy.  Better yet, how about we give one away to one lucky winner?! How cool is that? No pun intended. 

All you have to do is comment on this post and tell us why YOU need one of these babies in your life! The giveaway will run for one week so enter now!



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  1. Lindsey says

    Would love one of these for our house! We just installed a whole house humidifier and it would be so nice to have the controls on our thermostat instead of having to separate controls on the wall

  2. Kellye A says

    I need one because my husband always forgets to change the thermostat when he gets up if I’m already at work! And also because we’re about to have a baby, and being able to change the thermostat hands-free sounds incredibly convenient! Since I’ll be staying at home with the baby, it’ll give me someone else besides an infant to talk to as well, lol!

  3. Darcy S says

    This would be great, then we can turn down the heat remotely when we’re out and about. Often times it’s a rat race getting the kids out of the house that we don’t bother thinking about it. Save some energy!

  4. says

    I need this so bad! We moved a few months ago and they thermostat is from the 90s and I can’t figure it out haha!! They had some program and my husband and I can’t get the program to shut off ha!

  5. Jen says

    Oh my…this would be amazing! Because remembering to turn down the thermostat when rushing out of the house at 6:30 am with 3 kids is chronically impossible! We are always go, go, go and unfortunately, our heating/cooling bill suffers :\ I would LOVE this!

  6. Erika says

    We just bought our house in April of 2013 and this is the first home we have owned that has central heat and air. This would be an awesome gadget to update the simple one we have. It would be amazing to win this!

  7. Ashleigh H says

    I love this thing!! And I NEEEED one because I’m always cold (or HOT) when I get home because the thermostat has been adjusted for me being gone. If I had this, I could just use my smartphone to turn it to the proper temperature before I get home!

  8. Tracy P. says

    I need one of these because after all these years I can’t use the one that I have installed. It is either on or off, too hot or too cold….you get the idea. This would make my life SUPER EASY! Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Lisa Davis says

    Oh I have been WANTING this for a l-o-n-g time!!! But I cannot talk my hubby into it! He thinks what we have is fine. And I just know he’d love it if he’d give it a try! I would love being able to control it from his smartphone! Pick ME! Pick Me! :):):)

  10. Deb C says

    I love the look of this, and the fact it responds to voice commands! Hope it can hear me from the bedroom in the morning when I want it to go up!!

  11. carol clark says

    i need one bad mine is from the early 90’s and is like so old this would be so nice on hot days and cold days here in texas i mean would be the perfect touch to my remodel

  12. John Burke says

    I would love one of these mainly because I’m disabled and it is a major job for me to get up and go to change the thermostat all the time. Mine is one of the OLD ones from the 70’s.

  13. Gloria R. says

    I had to call my husband over to see this baby…. oh do we need a thermostat and this is the royal carriage of them. Presently, the cover to ours falls off and thus, the heater stops working. Not a good thing for the dead of winter. So YES, YES, YES I would love to win the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. Thanks to you and Honeywell for offering such a nice give away. :)

  14. says

    I would love this programmable thermostat so that I’d have a shot at controlling the temperature in our house. We currently have one that is supposedly programmable but I think you need to be a programmer to operate it – I have no clue how to get the heat to come on and stay on for more than a few minutes. I’m sure there’s an instruction manual. Somewhere. But I’d much rather just talk to the Honeywell WiFi thermostat than have to reason with or study the old one we currently have. Could you take pity on me? :)
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  15. mary says

    Who doesn’t need this. It sure would make life a tad easier. Thanks for the chance to win this
    Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat!

  16. Lisa Kubin says

    I need the voice control because I am a yeller and I am always yelling demands and questions at my family so why not have a thermostat that enables that further.
    Lisa K.

  17. tammy d. says

    This would come in so handy. I would use the app all the time. Our weather changes dramatically, so this would be great.

  18. Michelle McCandless says

    I need one of these bad boys! I travel a lot for work, and having an app that would allow me to adjust the temperature when I’m away would just be a life saver! Plus the ability to program it is essential for energy saving.

  19. says

    We just bought our first house this year and the thermostat is one of those ancient plastic boxes with the lever on the side that you move up and down. Ha! Needless to say, it’s not the most accurate, nor can you program it at all (heck, that wasn’t even invented when this thing was new!). It would definitely be great to have one of these Honeywell thermostats to add to all the upgrades we are trying to make to the house!

  20. Ann Melamed says

    We just moved to a “new” (for us) old (103 years!) house, and we NEED all the help we can get! We would love to win! Thanks for offering it. Best wishes to all.

  21. Shannon Brey says

    I would like the option of being able to control it from my phone – sometimes it’s hard for me to get around so this would be ideal!

  22. Lauren says

    I need this Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat because Monday through Friday I am gone for 12 hours due to work. We obviously dont want to run our system for 12 hours that we are not there. It would be nice to be able to use to app to change the temperature while we are on our way home. I would love to come home from a long day at work and instantly feel comfortable when I walk in, instead of either being to hot or to cold.

  23. Joni says

    I need to win this as I am constantly adjusting our thermostat. And how awesome to be able to control it when away from home! Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Susan Broughton says

    The reason I need one of these is that they are suppose to save money on heat or air when compared with a thermostat that you manually move up and down. I really need to save on that bill!

  25. Lauren E. says

    I would love this! We’re always futzing with the thermostat, Set it higher in the evening, lower before bed, even lower when the house is empty. Sometimes we forget to change the setting, and with oil prices being what they are, I would love a programmable one.

  26. Ilene says

    I’d love to get one of these. Controlling the temp would certainly keep the heating bill down. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  27. Kate says

    Oh my goodness oh my goodness I need this! 1.I’m always going downstairs in the middle of the cold night to turn up the heat. 2. When we go “home” to visit family for days or weeks we turn the heat WAY down and then when we get back we spend the first few hours huddled under a blanket until our house warms up! The app would be life changing. I would love this!

  28. ann says

    I need one of these because I travel a lot for work so being able to control it when I’m not there would be very convenient. Also love the voice control. Seems very easy to install and use.

  29. Bridget H. says

    I need one of these for:
    saving energy
    saving money
    I can get rid of that ugly one on my wall
    I can toss out that ugly(er) larger indoor outdoor one on my counter!

  30. Susan Christy says

    I would love to save some money on my heating/cooling bill and a programmable thermostat would be helpful in achieving that.

  31. kimf says

    I would be wonderful because one of us always has to run back downstairs at bedtime because we forgot to adjust the thermostat.

  32. Danielle Hogan says

    My husband & I are living with his father (because his wife passed away this past May & he isn’t handling it too well bless his heart) & his house is…….well, OLD. I can’t even sugar coat it & call it a “historical home with character”. Nope, just old…….& everything is falling apart at once (& I do mean everything). We had to replace two breakers in July because every time you tried to microwave something when the a/c was on or the coffeepot was on, BLAMO, the whole house went dead. Then, we spent three weeks making sure everything was winterized, but then that bad winter storm hit & not one but two pipes burst AND the water heater busted (but the water heater just happened to go at that same time because it is inside the house). So now we’re to present time & his thermostat is trying to go too. Sometimes it works & sometimes it doesn’t. So when I saw this giveaway I was like……NO WAY! So I am entering as fast as I can & hoping that I’m not too late to enter. Thanks for giving us all the chance to win this by the way! God Bless!

  33. sara haaf says

    I need it because it’d be great to auto change the temps for me and we could save some money on our power bill!

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