DIY $5 Ombre Ikat Curtains

DIY $5 Ombre Ikat Curtains.jpg

 Hi friends! Thanks SO MUCH for all the postive feedback from my Reading Nook! You all are the BEST and sure know how to make a girl feel proud of her work! 😉

That being said, I had a ton of requests for the tutorial for the ikat curtains. Today’s the day! It’s so so easy just a little time consuming but oh so worth it!

$5 sheet curtains

 First, you need curtains. You can purchase some plain window panels but if you want to do this project around $5, do what I did and make two curtain panels using a flat twin sheet from walmart.


I measured 5″ strips of some cheap painters tape. Just any tape will work. This is just a guide. I used painter’s tape because it doesn’t leave any residue behind.


 Then, we taped off the design. Oh! I say “we” because my friend, Jen, helped me with this projects. Friends make projects 10x more fun and Jen is super talented!


Basically, I found an ikat design online that I liked and mimiced the look with tape to get the overall shape of it. Ikat is awesome becuase it isn’t meant to look clean and polished and perfect. Messy texture makes it better! I love it!


 I decided I wanted a chevron/zig zag line then a few diamonds and just alternated.  Next we placed the horizontal tape line every 8″ to mark where I wanted to change colors for the ombre effect. I used Sherwin Williams “Emotional”. I ended up mixing 4 different coral colors adding more white to get each lighter and lighter for the ombre. Then I used some gold craft paint to do the center of the diamond.

Okay so I didn’t get a photo of the next step! D’oh! but it’s easy! I took a fine tip craft paint brush and made about a million teeny vertical lines! Here’s what it looks like when you’ve brushed it on.

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 12.16.10 PM

 When you’re done painting, let it dry and peel off the tape.  Each panel took about an hour to paint so just watch a movie or FRIENDS if you need some entertainment! 😉

*Note* I did not use a fabric medium. Just plain latex paint like you’d paint a wall with.

ikat curtains

 I seriously love them! I love how they complete the look of this little reading nook!

Mint Chair Corner

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  1. says

    Have you found that the curtains are now stiff at the bottom where you painted? We painted ours and they just sit on the floor…no flow to the bottom portion. any way tobfix this? Run em through the washer?

  2. says

    I did something similar a few months ago to my curtains. We used regular house paint without a medium so they’re quite stiff. Have you encountered this? What will unstiffen them?

    • says

      Hi Stephani!

      Actually because I used so little paint and such a small brush (and small brush strokes) They are not stiff at all. I think running them through the wash is a good idea! That might help your problem with the stiffness! Good luck and thanks for stopping by our blog! Hugs, Mallory

  3. Jess says

    These look so cute and I want to do the same thing. But I’m confused how you painted it on especially around the tape and still get that blurred line look.

  4. says

    These are awesome! I have tried to attempt to paint my own fabric curtains before & they didn’t work. But this IKAT fabric pattern is genius! Love it and totally pinning! PS-your ig link is broke. Just an FYI. I had to go the long way to follow you. totally not a big deal, but I just wanted you to know.
    Happy Weekend!


  5. says

    Yes, its true that there are various shows on TV that make changes to the old home  and after doing some creative and innovative changes, the show make the old home to new dream home which is the part  I like the most. I like changes in life. I think every living and non living thing need change in life to become different for the new generation. I think its true that history repeats itself. There are many programs on TV those give ideas about interior home design.

  6. Ashley Williams says

    I am so obsessed and want to make these soo bad but I’m so confused at how you painted them. Do you paint around the tape or what?

    • says

      Hi Ashley!

      I used the tape as a guide and took a teeny tiny brush and just did little up and down strokes in between the two tape lines to get the ikat look!

      Thanks for reading our blog! xoxo

  7. says

    I have been trying to decide WHAT to paint on white sheets for new curtains in my dining room. I think this is it! I almost bought a new set of curtains today, but I think this will be more fun! Yay! Now I don’t have to decide on a stencil and won’t have to fork over the extra dough. Great timing!

  8. Defne Nuriye says

    Hiii! I am really in love with your curtains and that method will work for me just right but I just wonder, won’t the paint come off when you wash them?
    Love, thank you lots for sharing all those lovely things! <3

    • says

      Hi Defne!

      To be honest, I haven’t needed to wash them at this point but I’ve washed things with painted designs before without a problem. If you iron the backside of the paint design (the back of the curtain) it sets the paint and should stay just fine! Thanks so much!

      xoxo – Mallory

      • Defne Nuriye says

        Well, that is a relief! I painted a couple of things without using fabric medium and I was just curious about how it would last.. I personally love you and thank you so so much, because even at one visit you taught me so much! Now I’m on my way fo a sharpie wall..
        Thanks for being so out of the box! It was pure luck to find you.. <3 <3

  9. JFord says

    I love these curtains!…I’m going to make them with a drop cloth from Lowe’s cause I want to have light color curtains that are a little heavier for winter and the drop cloth washes wonderfully !!


  1. […] Curtains aren’t cheap, and if you like to change them up frequently, your wallet can really take a hit.  I wanted ikat curtains but didn’t want to cough up the bucks, so I eventually found a great deal on fabric and sewed them.  Another great option is to buy some cheap curtains (or twin flat sheets from walmart) and paint them.  I love the ones above.  See how to do ithere. […]

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