Union Jack Coffee Table Makeover

My Friend Jade from Finders Keepers Blog had a client that wanted to do something new and fresh to her coffee table. She loved the Union Jack so that’s where I came in. The table was painted white
then turned onto its side. I printed off the Union Jake on to a transparencies paper and using my Projector we projected the image onto the table.
Using a pencil, (not a pen because paint will not cover it) We traced the flag onto the table.
We decided to use a grey, blue and white color scheme. Before the paint dried we took a pencil and went over the lines so that the paint looked chipped.
Then lightly sanded it
It was still not “old looking” enough for us so we took the grey paint and add water to it and did a light white wash over the table. We brushed it on then lightly rubbed it off with a cloth.
I LOVE the look!!!!
It turned out even better then I could have imagined!
If you still don’t have a projector now is the time to get one!
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Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. says

    You make it look so easy, great job, love the light colors you used. What a difference it made on how the table presents it’s personality now.
    Happy Easter and spring

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