DIY Wintery Pearl Wreath

This year, I’ve decided to change up my Christmas decor a bit and go neutral! I am using white, creams, golds, and some silver. I’ve had this mirror that I have been wanting to use on my mantel for quite a while and it’s finally making its debute this Christmas. I have been working on my mantel decor and I’m super excited to show you how to make this wintery pearl wreath that I hung on my mirror.

You’ll need a foam wreath form, some thick ribbon (get two spools – I ran out halfway!, hot glue/gun  and lots and lots of pearls. I used different colors and sizes to create some dimension.

First, wrap your wreath with ribbon then start gluing… and gluing… and gluing! I placed them on scattering the colors and sizes. 

I didn’t cover the back or the inside to save some money on supplies and it looks really elegant without them done so it’s no biggie! If you want, you could totally glue more. 
That’s it! Easy huh!? My plan is to use it even after Christmas since winter lasts quite a long time here in New York. This would even be a fun idea for a wedding! Gotta love all the possibilities!

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    Love this wreath! And I love the fact that you could use it not only during the winter months perfectly, but also throughout the year. Love your blog….I am a regular follower to watch you DIY’s :)


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    This is absolutely gorgeous!! I wonder if it would have the same effect with all of the extra beads I have kicking around the house…..hmmmmm. Thanks so much for sharing :-)

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    Really pretty and elegant. It’s not often that I find a wreath on a blog that I actually think is pretty but this blew me away. I think I might make a few myself.

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    Aww what a beautiful wreath! Love the pearls, the wreath looks so elegant! And perfect for winter, the pearls give it that wintery shimmer! Happy New Year!


  1. […] June 2, 2014   Uncategorized   No comments Check me out…I totally just legitimized myself as a blogger.  Okay, not even close…BUT I definitely completed some sort of blogger “rite of passage”.  I made my own wreath!  Woot woot! I was really trying to get this done as a holiday project…heck, I even bought two wreath forms because I was certain I’d have time to make one for me and one to bring up to my sister’s as a house warming gift.  HA!  It just didn’t happen.  I should have known that if I wanted one done for the holidays, I should have started well in advance.  Oh well, there is always next year, right? So I was left with two blank forms, and lots of felt.  What was I to do?  Welp, make a wreath for a wintery mantel, of course!   Adding a little something to the mantel could help to combat the inevitable post-holiday-décor-blues! I wanted a wreath that was grey and white, and well, wintery.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to do until I saw Mallory’s wreath.  […]

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