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I have not been doing to many of my own pieces of furniture these days but I have been very busy with working on other peoples stuff. I finished a hutch for client a few weeks back and I LOVED it! It was very sturdy and had great lines. 

After removing the hardware, I gave this beauty a quick sand then primed it with Kilz spray paint primer. I used Oriental Silk by Behr. It’s my go to color for a creamy white. Then, I used a sanding block to distress some of the edges and finished her off with a polycrylic by Minwax in satin finish.

I also finished a table and chairs for a good friend of mine. She got the table and chairs from her father in law and it was a great set but the color of the wood was a bit dated. She found this amazing leopard print material at Mesa Sales in Mesa, AZ and the vinyl covering is from Walmart. I recovered the chairs after I painted everything.

I sanded the table and chairs down VERY well, primed it then painted it black then did 3 coats of polcrylic. When I am working on a piece that I know is going to get a ton of wear and tear I make sure I prep it very well. The prep work is key when dealing with a piece will be used daily. Then make sure to use a sealant of some sort. I almost always use the polcrylic by Minwax.

Off to pick up kids at school….Enjoy your weekend!
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  1. What is the vinyl covering from Wal Mart? I have kitchen chairs I need to re-do — what exactly is that stuff? It turned out perfect!!

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