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Quick and Easy felt Valentine’s Day wreath

Are you bored of my Valentine’s posts yet? Well this is the last one I promise! ….I think so anyway 😉 I love the variations of felt wreaths I’ve seen but I wanted to make mine a tad differently so hear it is! 
Take some thick cardboard and draw a heart onto it then cut your heart out. I folded it in half and cut the center out as well. Then I took Krylon’s dual and spray painted it red so none of the cardboard showed through. 
Then, I made a bunch of hot pink and red felt circles. 
Next, I folded them in half, then in half again, snipped off the bottom and put a big dab of hot glue on it. 
I alternated red and pink and made sure they weren’t all going the same direction. I didn’t really want a uniform look… Once I filled my cardboard heart… voila! 

I pretty much love it on my front door with the snowy landscape! So far it has held up well to the cold temperatures and the snow. :)

Hope you are enjoying preparing for Valentine’s Day! I’m so glad my crafts are done and now I have a few weeks to enjoy them! :)
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18 Responses to Quick and Easy felt Valentine’s Day wreath

  1. This is darling! I would also like to know how much felt you used. Did you cut out the circles with scissors or a circle punch?

  2. What size felt circles did you cut ? How much felt should one purchase to start the project and what size was the cardboard heart. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to make this.

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