Kit Kat Cake

Found this on my little distraction (Pinterest) and tried it out!

All you do is:
1.  Bake your cake (used a box cake! Thanks Mrs. Crocker!) 
2.  Let cool.
3.  Frost it.
4.  I broke my kit kat bars into “twos” so they curved better around the cake and stuck them along the outside.
5.  Fill the top with M&Ms (or Skittles! – yum!)
6.  Tie a ribbon if you want! It kind of helps the kit-kats stay put when the cake and platter are being handled or moved.
It was such a hit and the cutest easiest cake I’ve ever made! I’m not even a little bit good at decorating cakes, cupcakes and any food for that matter. 
Hope you had a great weekend! It’s officially Fall!! Booyahh! 
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  1. says

    I discovered your blog Saturday night (Australia time!) and have to tell you my Husband might hate you…..I LOVE everything in here and have had a spark of renovation power and just can’t STOP!! I’ve just sent him to the big hardware chain here with a scrap piece of material to match it to some paint!! LOL!!It’s 8:30 at night!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your talents and GREAT tastes in all thing.
    As for the cake my littlest one is having his 1st birthday on the weekend, THIS is the perfect cake, THANKS again!!!

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