Pirate Party and Printable Pirate Labels

My sister Scarlett had a BIG Pirate Party for my nephew Crew!
She did an awesome job and I loved every detail of the party!
(There are a ton of Pictures so prepare yourself)

Scarlett started off by having a table by the front door, 
for everyone who came in to dress up like a pirate if they wanted to.. the kids loved it.

The Drinks with Pirate straws!

This amazing cake was done by sisters friend that is her neighbor!
Popcorn/Pirate Booty

I made this 7 Layer Dip Treasure Map!
Homemade Mac and Cheese
Fresh Fruit 
(the Swords were Pretzels)

She even changed out her plate rack to match the Party!
Our take home goodies
Hot Dogs
There is Scarlett… she even got a Pirate Shirt to wear to the Party!
This Plank really set the tone for the Party.. Mallory cut out a stencil on her silhouette machine and Scarlett Painted the piece of 2×2 and used duct tape to lead up to the front door!

I am not sure why Leesie is making this weird face but my sister used her sand box by hiding little toys in the sand for the kids to find.
She hand folded each and every boat for the shop racing
I found this game banner on sale at Michaels for $2.99
The last and Main event of the party was this Pirate ship Pool that my sister got from Pottery Barn Kids.. Which was a big hit for the kids and it’s something she will have for a long time.
Scarlett really out did herself for this Party but it was a blast and we really enjoyed it!

Just in case you are planning a Pirate Party 
Here are Printable Labels for all the food.
Open in Word and add your own text then Print on card stock!

Labels make any party feel more planned out and more organized!

What do you think of the Party?
Also don’t forget about the 

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4 Responses to Pirate Party and Printable Pirate Labels

  1. I love all the names you used for the food, like the Mac n’ cheese! Thanks for sharing!

  2. donnelly7118 says:

    I LOVE!! Great job!! I’m throwing my son a pirate’s 1st party!! Love the printables.. But I cant figure out how to print them.. help please!! Mia

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  4. Courtney says:

    Cute ideas. I’m planning a pirate party for my almost 3 year old. Thank you for the food labels. They are darling!

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