Tiffany Blue Dresser Makeover

I don’t know about you, but when I see this box my heart skips a beat! I only have 2-3 things from Tiffany’s but I LOVE TIFFANY’S! This beautiful little box was my inspiration for my latest project!
I found this on the side the road that said “FREE IF YOU TAKE IT NOW!!!” so I flipped a “U-ey” and hopped out to snag it before they changed their mind! 
With my church dress, high heeled boots and all, I (allll by myself!) lifted this dresser, a bookcase and a twin headboard into my truck! I LOOOVVEEEE free furniture!!!
PS. I also love that my hubby bought me a sweet truck for moments such as this! :)
Here’s how I found it:

Hunny, I’m not sure what this mysterious stain is but be a dear and get me some Clorox wipes!!!!
It needed a little constructive work so I asked my personal handyman handyMEN! Daddy and his little helpers! He reenforced the bottom of the drawer with some small trim nails and remounted the track for the top drawer.
 I’m so thankful to the Jr. High girl that embellished this beauty with stickers and broke one of the drawers because her Mama decided to kick it to the curb! 
My sister in law, Jodi wanted me to re-do this piece for her new room, I got it for free anyway. I agreed and she helped me with the project. 
We scraped off the stickers, SCRUBBED it down really good, had hubby fix the minor constructive issues and we were ready to proceed!
I primed it with Kilz Spray Primer. My favorite primer.
Then, I sprayed it with Krylon Ocean Breeze. A blogland favorite for good reason! Its so perrtyy!
I used a sponge brush and hand painted the edges of all the detail and curves with this Folk Art Metallic Pearl White. It highlighted the details beautifully! This just MADE it!
I sprayed the hardware with Metallic Aluminum and sprayed the whole thing with Minwax Polycrylic in Satin.
Here’s what I got!

I wish it was mine. I love it!
So, have you painted anything Krylon’s Ocean Breeze? 
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  1. says

    Yes, I remember when you found this. So glad I was kind of a part of it. AND I have painted something with that wonderful blue. Remember when I redid my bike last summer? That is the color I painted it. I was riding around the city last weekend and it was a real show stopper.

  2. says

    I can never seem to find such wonderful free stuff on the side of the road-you are very lucky! Love, love, love the Tiffany inspired look-it’s just perfect!


  3. says

    Visiting from FJI! That color is STUNNING!! I’ve been searching Craigslist for something just like this, so I’m a bit jealous that you got this for free. Amazing. All of the silver touches are the icing on the cake!!

    I’ve started a weekly link party on Sundays over at Addicted 2 Decorating. I hope you’ll come link up your project!!

  4. says

    Absolutely beautiful! I love anything Tiffany’s, and this is as pretty as anything I’ve seen in their store!
    I found you through Better After.

  5. says

    I just used this tutorial to do my daughter’s dresser that is exactly like this one (except hers has 3 drawers, not 4). It turned out beautifully & I blogged about it at: and I also sent my readers over here to check out your original :) Thanks again for this. My 3 year old princess is in LOVE with her new dresser & keeps showing it off & talking about it to everyone she meets!

  6. says

    I love this! I was at an awesome consignment store today and they have a whole set of this old white 70’s furniture, exactly like the piece you did here, it was $200 for a huge dreser, side table and head/footboard, i want it but have no where to put it so I’ll live vicariously through this post! Love the bold color and detail!

  7. says

    I have a dresser just like this in my garage, I hadn’t even thought to go this color. I might have to steal this idea. How cute it is! Come link up with me if you get a chance! Friday-Sunday.

  8. says

    Take me away Ocean Breeze! I need some of that Krylon stuff!

    Very cute!

    Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed’s Linky Party- thanks for sharing 😀
    Smiles, Suzanne in NW Illinois at WHYCUZICAN

  9. says

    I had this exact dresser when I was a kid. My mom still has 2 twin headboards, 2 dressers and a vanity with a mirror at her house. She said I could have any of them that I want. I’m so going to do this for one (maybe both) of the dressers.

  10. says

    All I can say is WOW!!! that transformation was awesome….You know I have this exact nightstand it was mine brand new in the 70’s I actually had the entire set even the canopy bed…all from good old Sears. Any how I was thinking of donating it and now you have inspired me to give it the makeover it deserves and keep it in the family… thank you so much :)

  11. says

    I bought this paint color with the intent to repaint my upstairs bath cabinet, but I used paint I already had because I was also reusing old tile I had taken up from an earlier project. Most of my house has blue on the walls. Beautiful job :)

  12. says

    This is so nice – my husband grew up with a dresser just like this in his bedroom. He painted it in white edged with gold, and it turned out beautifully. Next time it needs paint, though, I’m going to suggest this blue!

  13. says

    I have not used spray paint…hmmmmm the work of hand painting spray….hmmmm
    I have done a lot of stuff in shades of turquoise….but you got me thinking Tiffany blue and Audrey Hepburn…hmmmm I have a dresser….how can I put the two together…hmmmmm green tape around the drawer fronts and a bow….then stencil Tiffany….hmmmm….I am thinking….and thanks for the inspirations

  14. Tarah says

    So, I TOTALLY got the full set of this exact style and color from my grandpa for free!! I have a head board, desk, chair, night stand, dresser, mirror, and hope chest. To say the least, I have a LOT of painting. I love the style of the furniture but EW, cream and gold…. looks awful. (BTW it was my Aunt’s when she was a child in the 60s so we have very awesome retro furniture)
    So I painted all of it a very light/bright yellow… and I was thinking of brushing a charcoal gray over it to give it more of a texture but I really don’t even know how to do it to make it look good… Any suggestions?

    • says

      Hi Tarah!

      That’s awesome! How lucky to have a full set! I would suggest glazing it (you could do a charcoal grey glaze!) to bring out the details if you’re wanting to add more texture and depth to the furniture! Good luck!!! xoxo – Mallory @ Classy Clutter


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