Office Desk

I had been on the look out for a
 Nice, Large, and a Pottery Barn Style office desk
when I found this desk at a local Thrift Store I loved the size of the desk and since it was going to be my husbands desk it did not look to “girly” but it has nice lines. The only problem was, the price was to much for me and it would not good half price for a while… I asked the nice lady about the desk and she said…
“we have had this desk for a while now and if you want it and can take it today
then I will give you 50% off” 
I was sooooo excited… it was a
 Done Deal!

Here is the

 Like Mallory’s Desperate Dresser
I wanted the desk to be a creamy white and the top to be black.
Mallory helped me out with the top of the desk by using
Krylon Black Spray Paint.
(note to self: don’t use a good moving blanket to spray paint against)
I painted the bottom part of the desk with a semi-gloss Behr paint called
Oriental Silk.
I LOVED this color….
it really was the perfect cream color.

I went back and forth about putting a glaze over the whole bottom half….I decided not to do it and I was so glad…I wanted the desk to have a more “clean” look. I did lightly sanded the edges and
I loved how it turned out.

Tomorrow I am going to
 Reveal the office
there are better pictures of the desk in that post so
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6 Responses to Office Desk

  1. Jen says:

    Awesome find! I love the color choice.

  2. WOW!! I LOVE IT!! I am uber inspired now!

  3. Amber says:

    Can you come over? Bring the desk too LOL

    So awesome!

  4. Chrissie says:

    Your desk looks great! Can’t wait for the total reveal!

  5. rainbowcreek says:

    It turned out beautiful! And I am insanely jealous now. I have been looking for a few weeks for that exact desk. Congrats on your find!

  6. vance says:

    If you have a budget you must opt for ergonomic furniture because this furniture type is not only comfortable they are also durable and easy to handle. They also are the best remedy for your back pain, and other health related problems. They will help you feel relaxed while working overtime at the ergonomic desk and chair.
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