Navy China Cabinet Hutch

Here she is! Savannah’s Navy Blue China Cabinet Makeover! When she moved into her house, she was dying to find a fancy hutch to go in this space in her kitchen. After LOTS of searching, she found it! This one is definitely to die for!! She found it at a local shop and the boring wood veneer did not do justice to these details on this piece! We needed to spruce it up in a big way! I LOVE the Navy Blue Color she chose with the gold accents! The navy matches her dining room chairs! (That post coming soon!) Her chairs are recovered in navy and cream polka dots for cryin’ out loud! You will LOVE them I’m sure!
Here’s what we started with!
Yeah… that’s a big hunk of nasty smelling, awful, green candle wax. “That’s real.” :)
THEN…….. lots of paint, sweat and (a kazillion mosquito bites…I’m pretty sure we we’re one mosquito bite short of getting West Nile virus!) later! Here she is!
 Is that gorgeous or what!?!?
and one more time just for fun!
(See that crystal sconce in her hallway hiding back there! Are we serious with how cute it is!?! and she has 2 of them!! BEAUTY-FUL!) I LOVE IT!
Didn’t she do a FANTASTIC JOB!!!????
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    • says

      Hi Tracy,

      We used a product called “Rub ‘n Buff”. It is available at craft stores in many colors. Use the gold and you just need a tiny bit. It goes a long way! Good luck and thanks for reading our blog!

      Mallory @ Classy Clutter


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